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Thread: Stage 4 - Diagnosed about 1 month ago

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    Stage 4 - Diagnosed about 1 month ago

    Hi! I just found this forum. Looking to reach out and hear from other people in similar situations and how their treatments and lives have progressed.

    Earlier this year I started having mid-abdominal pain that occasionally radiated to my middle back. I attributed it to my years of dealing with GERD, occasional gastritis, and small hiatal hernias. I've had similar pain in years past.

    I'm in my early 40s, married, and we have two teenaged kids.

    In mid-April, the pain grew very bad. Eventually I got a CT scan that showed a 3.5 cm mass in my pancreas, swollen adjacent lymph nodes, and many lesions on my liver. CA 19-9 was 489000 U/mL. Needle biopsy of the liver lesions confirmed adenocarcinoma.

    I've seen three different oncologists. Each of them have given the same diagnosis and advised the same treatment plan.

    Since then I've had two infusions of 4F (FOLFIRINOX). Chemo is a fantastic blend of experiences - like having a hangover with food poisoning for several days while the effect of gravity is about double.

    No one has given me any type of prognosis. I've asked. Googling it is pretty soul-crushing. Best statistic I could find is that people under 50 have a 16% 5-year survival rate.

    The current plan is to continue with 4F and see how it goes.

    I've had genetic and also genomic (molecular profiling) tests done, although I won't get the results for a few more weeks.

    If anyone has advice on any type of new or alternate treatment, or perhaps any type of other test that could help, please let me know. I've been reading what I can about my cancer. It's pretty bleak, but I know a lot of research and studies are ongoing.

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    FOLFIRINOX is a great first choice while you wait for the genetic test results. That may give you the best information on the right treatment for you.

    The lesions on your liver are probably your worst news. It’s not usually the main tumor that kills you, but rather the metastases. On the plus side is your young age.

    MD Anderson hosts a lot of pancreatic cancer clinical trials and is near to top-rated in the world. PanCan.org can help you find clinical trials in your area, but won’t help you evaluate them.

    The NCCN Treatment Guidelines recommend genetic testing (which you’re doing) and clinical trials as the first treatment option. Many clinical trials will use the standard treatment plus an investigational drug.

    We keep our discussions here on the scientifically-backed treatment options here and leave the alternative treatments to other places. Anecdotal “evidence” is a poor way to judge effectiveness because you’ll only hear from the survivors and that skews the real results. Clinical trials follow everyone who gets the treatment regardless of outcome so we get more realistic results.
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    hi Lego dude,

    I am very sorry to hear your story, you are very young and have two teenagers, you have to fight hard, make sure you research and follow the right path. My sister, 73 stage 3, after three round of chemo and one round of radiation, it did not response and rose up to stage 4. Please check with John Hopkins in Maryland, they seem to be the really expert in pancreatic stage 4 treatment, they have a lot of research and clinical trial, and they are specialized in Immunotherapy and Pancreatic Vacine.
    Best of Luck !


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