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Thread: 84 yo - Diffuse Large B Cell Triple Hit, extensive bone marrow involvement

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    84 yo - Diffuse Large B Cell Triple Hit, extensive bone marrow involvement

    Hello, new to the forum.

    Interesting times: My father has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. My mother's lymphoma suddenly became symptomatic several weeks ago, and subsequent tests have refined her diagnosis from follicular lymphoma to diffuse large B cell triple hit with extensive bone marrow involvement.

    My mother has just completed her first cycle of mini R CHOP and, admittedly only 5 days in, seems to have tolerated it well so far.

    I don't even know what my question is - is there generally available information about this combination of factors? It seems that my mother's illness is aggressive and presents a poor prognosis, though it's hard to tell exactly what that means - perhaps because so many factors influence prognosis that projections of time and quality of life are potentially misleading.

    I would of course greatly appreciate any thoughts, suggestions or comments anyone might have.

    Thank you, and regards, Cielo

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    Greetings Cielo,

    Sorry to hear about your parents. I was diagnosed with DLBCL that probably started as Follicular, almost two years ago. Although DLBCL is one of, if not, the most common NH Lymphoma's, mine presented unusually as it attacked my bones and bone marrow and possibly infiltrated my brain. I never had any evidence of any enlarged lymph nodes or other organ involvement. I would not have received the best treatments for my situation if I stayed in my home town. Instead, I chose to go to one of the top facilities in the country and my team there got me to Remission. I had to have 6 rounds of DA-R-EPOCH, 11- intra-thecal (lumber puncture) infusions, and two consolidation rounds of High Dose Methotrexate.

    Because of the aggressiveness of this type of cancer, the triple-hit status, and your mother's age, I would urge you to get a second opinion from a NCI-Designated Cancer Center if she is not already being treated by one. They have have the very best doctors, state of the art diagnostics, and cutting edge treatments.

    I am glad that she tolerated the first round of the mini-chop well-. Just so you can be prepared, for most people, it does get progressively harder to tolerate the "friendly fire" side effects of the treatments. For me, the worst was the fatigue. It gradually got to where I was very tired and no amount of rest or sleep seemed to help much. Try to keep her eating and hydrated and moving as much as she can. Do encourage her to take the anti-emetics even if she doesn't feel sick to her stomach as it is best to stay ahead of the nausea. Please feel free to ask any questions as they come up for you as there are many on this site who are very knowledgeable and will want to help if they can. Stay strong!


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    I am now in cycle 4 of 6. My first cycle was the most difficult so far. My blood pressure dropped to very low level so I could not get up from the bed. I was better prepared for the next cycle I drank 2 liters of water to keep my blood pressure, I took antinausea drugs in advance, I took laxatives in advance, I am getting filgrastin shots in the middle of the cycles, so the chemo is tolerable. My chemo is RCEOP, as I had chop 27 years ago. Doxorubicin is not allowed any more. So I get etoposide. Instead. So far my chemo works ok, I had a substantial reduction of much tumors. My biggest tumor was in pleura, 15 cm, it collapsed my lung and caused 2.5 l pleural effusion (water) in the chest. I could not breath. Now I am much better, water was drained, tumors shrank, the lung is reinflated.
    Rchop works well in most cases. Good luck to you mother.


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