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Thread: Worried about stomach cancer (24 year old male)

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    Worried about stomach cancer (24 year old male)


    For the past month I have been having stomach pains primarily on my left side. I also have been having nausea on and off but when it comes it can last for 8+ hours. The pain sometimes radiates to my back. I have had a loss of appetite. If I walk long distances it begins to hurt. I feel bloated 24/7 like my stomach is about to pop. All my blood work has been normal so far, no pancreatitis. I had an ultrasound that showed a few gallstones. I had a CT scan done 9 months ago for an unrelated issue and that was normal. I have an endoscopy scheduled for tomorrow morning and Iím afraid of the worst. The doctor thinks it may be an ulcer but he said he couldnít rule out cancer. Iím afraid.

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    Although its certainly "possible" you could have stomach cancer, it is an exceedingly rare disease for someone as young as yourself. The peak age for people to be diagnosed with stomach cancer is 75 to 79, folks 3 times as old as you are.

    Cancers are mostly diseases of degeneracy, they take a long time for it to develop.
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    As Southsider suggested, it would be extremely rare and unusual for you to have stomach cancer at such an early age. We have a very limited knowledge of your medical history, and couldn't possibly diagnose you with something based on the few symptoms you mentioned. Your best bet is to continue to work with your doctor, get the tests they recommend, and work through whatever outcome.
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