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Thread: Out damned spot! Out I say!

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    Congrats farmanerd!!!

    Very Glad that you have received Good News!!!

    The takeaway message to those who may have a similar future finding is:

    Pay no attention to those infiltrating Foamy Histiocytes!!!


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    Nice....very nice
    72...LUTS for the past 7 years
    TURP 2/16,
    G3+4 discovered
    3T MRI 5/16
    MRI fusion guided biopsy 6/16
    14 cores; four G 3+3, one G3+4,
    CIPRO antibiotic = C. Diff infection 7/16
    Cured with Vanco for 14 days
    Second 3T MRI 1/17
    Worsened bulging of posterior capsule
    Oncotype DX GPS 3/17, LFP risk 63%, Likelihood of Low
    Grade Disease 81%, Likelihood of Organ Confined 80%
    RALP 7/13/17 Dr. Gonzaglo @ Univ of Miami
    G3+4 Confirmed, Organ confined
    pT2 pNO pMn/a Grade Group 2
    PSA 0.32 to .54 over 3 months
    DCFPyl PET & ercMRI Scans - 11/17
    A one inch tumor still in prostate bed = failed surgery
    All met scans clear
    SRT, 2ADT, IMGT 70.2 Gys @1.8 per, completed 5/18
    Radiation Procitis, and Ulcerative Colitis flaired after 20 years
    PSA <.006 9/18, .054 11/18, .070 12/18, .067 2/19, .078 5/19, .074 7/19
    We'll see....what is not known dwarfs what is thought to be fact

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    Had post-op appointment with the surgeon today. Healing very well and can return to normal activity level, but no heavy lifting for two more weeks.

    Since with adverse pathology, everyone considers getting a second opinion, so I decided that with this amazingly good pathology that I would ask whether or not there were other possible interpretations of the slides. He responded that the pathologist was very sure of her interpretation that there was no cancer present. Sipping a celebratory beverage on the front porch as I author this.

    Finished third ART session today -- only 34 more to go! Had final/second three month Eligard injection a little over a week ago and can't wait for T to come back in hopefully about six months.

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    Stay strong, farmanerd! Think ahead to when you'll see this all in your rearview mirror.

    69 yr at Dx, BPH x 20 yr, 9 (!) neg. Bx, PCA3 -
    2013 TURP (90→30 g) path neg. then 6-mo. checks
    6-06-17 Nodule on R + PSA rise on finasteride: 3.6→4.3
    6-28-17 Bx #10: 2/14 cores: G10 (5+5) 50% RB, G9 (4+5) 3% RLM
    Bone scan, CTs, X-rays: neg.
    8-7-17 Open RP, neg. frozen sections, Duke Regional
    SM EPE BNI LVI SVI LNI(16): negative, PNI+, nerves spared
    pT2c pN0 pMX acinar adenocarcinoma G9 (4+5) 5% of prostate (4.5x5x4 cm, 64 g)
    11-10-17 Decipher 0.37 Low Risk: 5-yr met risk 2.4%, 10-yr PCa-specific mortality 3.3%
    Dry; ED OK with sildenafil
    9-16-17 (5 wk) PSA <0.1
    LabCorp uPSA, Roche ECLIA:
    11-28-17 (3 m ) 0.010
    02-26-18 (6 m ) 0.009
    05-30-18 (9 m ) 0.007
    08-27-18 (1 yr.) 0.018 (?)
    09-26-18 (13 m) 0.013 (30-day check)
    11-26-18 (15 m) 0.012
    02-25-19 (18 m) 0.015
    05-22-19 (21 m) 0.015

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    Good luck farmanerd! Stay focused on The Finish Line! All of your Forum Friends will be waiting to celebrate your victory!


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    My belief in the power of 5mg daily tadalafil (generic cialis) is -- ahem -- slowly firming up. Seems like a miracle since it's over seven months post-op. One again the chorus to "Walking On Sunshine" has happily become stuck in my head!


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