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Thread: Some Questions

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    Some Questions

    Hello Everyone and thank you for this forum so that people can address questions and browse through interesting topics.
    I am writing here in concern for a very close friend of mine who seems to be in denial but is also in a predicament.
    He's in his mid thirties, drinker and smoker for I think 10 years or so(he cut down about a year ago), but he was definitely a heavy drinker, and for the past month or so he has indicated that his bowel movements have become infrequent skipping about 2 days with constipation and for the past couple of weeks he has noted feeling of obstruction and narrow stools.
    He also indicated chest pain in right side especially around the time he has either gone or has to use the bathroom. He's very depressed.

    He comes from middle class background but has been out of work for a while now and has depleted whatever he had earned/saved. To his credit he is very independent but doesn't like to be told what to do. Now I'm not here to diagnose but he lives in the USA and has no health insurance. Anyone he has spoken to has shrugged it off due to his age and told him to consider it normal part of getting old and maybe hemmerhoids.
    He doesn't want to goto the gastro doctor because although he can pay out of pocket for that, he fears that he will need to see a specialist which to him not having insurance seems out of the question-and further he said if in the event anything is wrong treatment and drugs would probably be out of the question. So what I'd like to know is if you have heard of people in their 30's with these types of rectal/colon issues being serious and secondly any suggestions that I can relay about what he can do from a monetary/insurance standpoint. As I worry about him I decided to come to people who may have more incite into this. thanks

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    Your post went into moderation, since approved so now our members can view and hopefully respond.
    I have no answers on diagnostic and treatment options in the US.
    No doubt our US members can help.

    As far as bowel problems are concerned the symptoms cover a fairly wide spectrum of non life threatening conditions, although with CRC this cannot be ruled in or out without tests.
    Bowel issues are common and dependent on numerous life style issues, worry, depression can and do affect normal bowel movement.
    2 days without defecting is not medically considered as constipation.
    What I would respectfully suggest is he does see a physician to at least get a initial medical read on his overall condition and rule in or out possibilities.

    Thats a starting point I dare to suggest.
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    I wish your friend well, seems to me he needs to consult with his Primary Care Physician, in consultation they can decide what is the best procedure to take. The GOLD standard in CRC us the colonoscopy. That will dictate the next decision, if one is so directed. Good luck.
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