but obviously not the worst either.

Had an MRI done on June 28th, and I have to alter my signature now. The random biopsy that I had done several weeks ago found adenocarcinoma cells in 6 of the 12 samples taken. The assumption was that all of the cancer was confined for the moment to the left side of my prostate. The MRI found another small mass high up on the right side of my prostate. The good news is that the MRI confirmed that the cancer is still confined to my prostate, or at least there were no visible masses outside of it.

The bad news is that I'm going to need another biopsy, so I asked for an MRI targeted biopsy this time. I'm expecting a call today or tomorrow to get that scheduled.

Hopefully the mass is a Gleason 6 like the rest of the cancer. I find that I'm a lot more anxious about this biopsy than I was the first.