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Thread: Esophegeal Cancer - asking for a friend

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    Esophegeal Cancer - asking for a friend

    Hello - I am new to this particular forum. I have a friend who is age 64, male and has esophegeal cancer.
    I don't know what stage he is at. But he just had surgery and is in recovery. I don't have more details. I have a bad feeling but maybe things are not as glum - if he's had surgery he could recover, right?
    thank you for any advice, insight and prayers to all who are in treatment....
    October 21012: Husband age 50 diagnosed with Stage IV pan cancer with mets to liver. 12 treatments of Folfirinox. Chemo break June 2013 - March 2014. Back on Folfirinox for 4 treatments, then cancelled. CT Scan, ultrasound, biopsy only confirm cancer is back but no treatment recommended. Another scan in a week. Radiation:5 treatments in 4 days, stereodatic radiation (aka cyberknife) late July. No effect. September 2 weeks in hosp with blood infection. Oct: 6 chemo (Gem) No effect. November - at home, me at home full time. Slow decline til Nov 20 when admitted to palliative care. Body and mind ravaged by disease, toxins, my beautiful Carlos passed away on Thurs Nov.27 . May he rest in God's gentle hands in eternal comfort.

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    Hello, and welcome to this forum. I apologize for the delay in replying.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Esophageal cancer can be challenging to treat because of the complications with eating and taking in nutrition. How is he doing? Understanding the stage of cancer is important, as that might tell you how extensive it is. Surgery is often used to remove a localized tumor, but radiation or chemotherapy could be used if the cancer is more widespread. If you can find out any of those details, we'd be happy to try to address them.

    I have a friend who had esophageal cancer last year, and had surgery. He seems to be doing better and recovering, but getting back to normal is always a challenge, especially at an older age. Recovery is measured in multiple months, not days and weeks.

    Best wishes to your friend.
    Age 54 Male
    early Feb, 2013 - Noticed almond-sized lump in shaving area, right side of neck. No other "classic" cancer symptoms
    late Feb, 2013 - Visited PCP for check-up, PCP advised as lymphoma. Did blood work, orders for CT-scan, referred to ENT
    3/7/13 - CT-scan inconclusive, endoscopy negative
    3/9/13 - FNA of neck mass
    3/14/13 - Received dx of squamous-cell carcinoma, unknown primary
    3/25/13 - CT-PET scan reveals no other active tumors
    3/26/13 - work/up for IMRT
    4/1/13 - W1, D1 of weekly cetuximab
    4/8/13 - W1, D1 of IMRT
    5/20/13 - complete 8 week regimen of weekly cetuximab
    5/24/13 - Complete 35-day regimen of daily IMRT
    mid-July 2013 - CT-PET scan reveals no active tumors, but shows necrotic tissue at site of original tumor
    early Sept 2013 - partial neck dissection to remove necrotic tissue. Assay shows no cancer present.
    Spring 2014 - No signs of cancer
    Spring 2015 - NED
    Spring 2016 - NED
    Spring 2017 - NED
    Spring 2018 - NED
    Spring 2019 - NED


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