With all due respect, you have allowed anxiety and fear to take over rational thinking.

To reiterate previous responses to you, let the doctors sort it out. Burping and light colored stool does not equal cancer. In an attempt to alleviate your fear, keeping in mind we are not doctors, if it was pancreatic cancer, untreated for now eight months, your wife would be seriously ill. Pancreatic cancer does not take its time.

At this time, you must get your anxiety in check. While we understand you are scared, lets just for discussion sake say she has cancer, if your anxiety is overwhelming you now, how will you be prepared to help her in the case of an actual diagnosis?

We strongly urge you to seek counsel for your anxiety and fear.

Posting here is keeping thoughts of cancer at the forefront of your mind without any suspicion by your wife's doctor. There is nothing more we can offer.

This thread is being closed, reasons why threads are closed are outlined in our forum policy.

In the unfortunate event that your wife is diagnosed with cancer and we sincerely hope not, we will be here for you and you are welcome to start a new thread.