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Thread: Husband not so smart moment..but trying to be kind moment.

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    Husband not so smart moment..but trying to be kind moment.

    Husband is 5 weeks Post Op.. Was feeling good and decided he wanted to help and do laundry while I was at work. He's been pretty much relaxing during this time except for his daily walks. We'll I guess the bending down over and over to separate clothes did a number on his stomach muscles. Not sure If I ever mentioned this but my husband had a hernia from childhood that never got repaired so whilee uro was doing Ralp he took care of that too. 2 in 1 surgery... Anywho, my question. He's super sore and since it's his muscles, he said he didn't want to take meds for pain (I think that's crazy) but would a heating pad be against any rules?! Uro office closed so I couldn't ask them. Any recommendations.. It's under the stomach where he is hurting. He said not at incisions spots but below it. Recommendations? Anyone else do a Lil too much after Ralp too soon and had tight muscles. And trust I fussed plenty. Lol
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    No heat. Rest. Imo. Remember to use your legs when lifting or reaching low.

    My restrictions after hernia surgery was 6 weeks. If mesh was used for the hernia repair there can be residal discomfort following hernia repair. Something about the body not liking the mesh. It doesn't play well with water. This may never resolve and can come and go. Not certain if this is his discomfort.
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    @Another not sure if they use mesh but good question. I'm going to check the portal that gave details of surgery to see if it says. .. But he wasn't having an issue prior to doing this back and forth bending to do laundry..later that night he just got very sore and said stomach muscles sore and now it's still sore. Betre than it was Wed but still sore.

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    I will state the obvious. Your husband had a hernia repair with a RP, severe bladder-spasm complications, and, since then, an assortment of aches, pains, throbs, and soreness in various locations but all not too far from the surgery sites, mostly after tasks requiring exertion. These have been severe or protracted enough that you've posted about them, worried. You've both already spoken to your doc about several of them. Have I got that about right?

    I understand that hubby is stubborn, but I really think that he's asking for (totally unnecessary) trouble if he doesn't change his tune. The Rx for him is rest. Return to physical work should be gradual without overdoing it.

    Your pal,

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    I agree Djin.. And thanks for stating the obvious. Sometimes. You need someone to just say it aloud for you.... He is set to return to work Thursday, I'm just not sure if he is ready. I'll talk with his Dr. And outside of him attempting the laundry he hasn't being over doing it. The bladder spams. Was out of his control, as well as the pulsating feeling he feels sometimes. Dr said that was nerves. Now as far as this muscle soreness, he completely did that and should not have. But I do understand that he did think bending to wash a few loads of clothes would cause this, especially being 5 weeks Post Op. . But we live and learn.. As far as changing his tune, I think this 43 yr young active man realizes now he has to just rest for awhile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honeybun078 View Post
    .....As far as changing his tune, I think this 43 yr young active man realizes now he has to just rest for awhile
    That must be as hard for him, as for you to let go and permit him to recover at his own speed. Good luck with that.
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