Hey folks,

My wife has been battling ovarian cancer for 19 months now. She was initially staged at 3C in Jan of 2018, had partially effective cytoreduction that left several diseased paraaortic lymph nodes behind that month. Regimen of paclitaxel/carboplatin got her to a state of no evidence of disease in June of 2018.

She became symptomatic of issues (partial bowel obstruction, abdominal/back pain) right as her maintenance chemo ended this year and a recurrence was found in her small bowel. Treatment resumed with carboplatin and doxil, but it's been rough. She just had imaging done between treatment three and four and while the problem area has responded to chemo, they found ~10 small new lesions in her liver.

Her oncologist has decided to halt this treatment program and we have enrolled her into two clinical trials while we wait for tissue samples to be evaluated for eligibility. However, at no time has this oncologist suggested any kind of surgery for the lesions on her liver. In doing some internetting, it seems that this is something that is done, sometimes to good effect, and I'm just interested if anyone else has had experiences in this area.

We had previously engaged memorial sloan kettering for a second opinion at the time of the recurrence and they have been in full agreement with her current oncologist. They just received the new imaging of these lesions on Thursday and will get back to us early next week with a read. So i'm hopeful we'll get another view of treatment options from them. I'm also engaging a local hepatologist to get their perspective on surgical or other intervention options.

Thanks in advance for any info you have to share!