My exit from the two year clinical trial is now complete. Blood drawn at 8 am. CBC, Testosterone, and PSA.. Results were in by this afternoon. The mild anemia has been resolved (after effects from chemo), the testosterone is still suppressed, and PSA remains undetectable. (THAT is the best news!) I am also disenrolled from additional ADT.

The "undetectable" renews my membership in the Zero PSA Club.

My doctor wants to continue seeing me every 90 days for the next two years. I will also continue having bone scans and MRI's every 6 months. His words, "if something runs amiss I want to know sooner than later so we can initiate treatment."

I will be able to have the nuclear medicine appointments done in Greensboro.

One advantage of having a PSA done at Hopkins is "same day results." THAT is good for my psyche!