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Thread: On the so-called "good side" now...

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    Hi AceVA! How is your husband doing today vs the immediate post OP period? Hoping he is feeling much better and he is on the track to recovery.

    Interestingly, I awoke from RP in a hospital bed being pushed out of the OR suite. They took me directly to my hospital room and completely bypassed the Recovery Room. Guessing that the recovery room must have been full also. I can't imagine being put on a stretcher for 7 hours!

    Send an update soon!

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    Sorry to hear what you went through, but those kinds of things can happen in any busy hospital, so try to take it stride. Sometimes the previous operations take longer than they had hoped, sometimes someone gets wheeled on in with an arrow piercing their bladder and they take the room they had penciled in for your husband. Cleveland Clinic is top flight institution with great doctors, but its also a city hospital that a lot of locals use for emergencies and primary care too.

    That kind of thing does happen , the pierced bladder was the excuse my doctor had for being late for one of my biopsies.
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    I gotta believe the anxiety of prostate surgery on family members can, at times, fray patience and tolerance, especially to spouses who are powerless to really help. I sense it from many posts.

    The good news is, it will all pass!
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