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Thread: Second surgery

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    Second surgery

    I had my second surgery on Wednesday and was discharged Friday. I’m still recovering in the area. I see the surgeons assistant tomorrow then it’s up to me when I feel like I can ride home. I am missing part of my left vision, like a slice. Sorry for any misspellings!

    My surgeon said things went very well. My post op MRI looks very clear. He said that when he gave the clinical trial team some tissue initially, they called him and said the tumor cells were way too sparse. I do know one area he thought was going to be mostly scar tissue and one area was residual from my last surgery. He said this was a good thing, and it shouldn’t effect the vaccine trial because we know I already have a grade 2 astrocytoma confirmed from my first surgery. But tumor board meets Thursday and I come back down on the 2nd to see my NO.

    But overall I’m feeling great and can’t wait to get home to my kids and get my vision back as swelling goes down.
    Had surgery 10/21/14 to remove Grade II Astrocytoma in right temporal lobe. 95% or more resection. Undergoing Clinical trial through UCSF taking Temodar and Everolimus for two years total.

    1500mg Keppra, 600 mg Gabapentin daily

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    Hello Oregon girl!
    Iím sorry to hear youíve had a recurrence. A second surgery canít have been fun, but it has to be some relief to have gotten some good news about the tumor cells.
    I hope your vision returns quickly. I recall I had issues with speech after my surgery that took a couple of weeks to resolve.
    Good luck with everything and feel better.


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