Well, the title pretty much sums up how i'm feeling. Im worried sick i may have cervical cancer. I received a positive HPV test in 2017 but normal pap, was told to repeat test in a year but time flew by and I didn't return until this year in April. My dr and myself were a little annoyed because even though I told the nurse i had a positive HPV test she sent me to a regular dr as opposed to the Gyn! My doctor told me that shed do the pap and HPV test again and if the results were the same, id have to go see the Gyn. This time around I had an abnormal pap which they said showed LSIL and still being HPV positive. I made an appointment with the Gyn which is in a week and im just so frightened that I may have cervical cancer.

I probably did the wrong thing looking at the signs and symptoms because now i feel like the little things that use to come and go may not have been so little and i shouldnt have brushed them off. Im very active and skateboard and fall and am on my feet all the time so i just just assumed back or leg pain was caused by over working myself. I also always feel tired at work majority of the time but I dont know if that just because im staring at a computer all day or not. There is no pain during sex or irregular bleeding or anything out of the norm with discharge.

Im so nervous to have this colposcopy, but know I need to have it done as I need to see what my body is up to. Im just so scared.