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    How the surgeon explained it is that at the bladder neck, prostate and muscle tissue are intertwined. There is a such thing as a true bladder neck margin and a false bladder neck margins False bladder neck margins occur when the surgeon fails to resect enough of the bladder neck that prostate cells are still present, and there may be some cancer in the prostate tissue at the bladder neck. A true bladder neck margin is when the surgeon cuts beyond the prostate tissue and cancer is actually present in the muscles tissue of the bladder neck. I think that it makes a difference between T2 and T3a. My husband has true bladder neck invasion. The G6 is actually invading the muscle tissue. Dr. Reiter was so surprised, he said he actually went into the pathology lab and had to see it with his own eyes under the microscope ( I picture him and various med students all taking turns looking )... So obviously not something he has personally seen before. Dr. Epstein made it sound like it was not all that uncommon. But he looks at 10,000 cases a year? I think Dr. Reiter operates on 250 patients a year...

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    Caligirl, I think that anatomical distinction sounds spot on. I, too, was going to say that one case might take 3 or 4 hours of a surgeon's time (just for the operation, and there are consult and check up visits too), but Dr. Epstein probably does/supervises several cases an hour.

    I've added a BN question on my list to ask my uro at next visit

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