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Thread: Can't Stop Obsessing Over Colon Cancer Possibility

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    Can't Stop Obsessing Over Colon Cancer Possibility

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to vent here about my anxiety and my cancer fears.
    For the past 2 months or so I've had a change in bowel movements so much so that I no longer have a 'normal' when it comes to using the restroom. I don't have visible bleeding but much looser BMs, some abdominal pain (on and off and nothing too severe), and sometimes very thin BMs (again on and off).
    I have all but convinced myself I have CC and I am going insane waiting for my colonscopy on Monday. I'm only 30 so rationally I know the risk is low but I've woken up in full on panic attacks over this. I've spent the last week googling symptoms, breaking into tears, and generally feeling like a dark cloud is hanging over my head. Blood test came back great, a home FIT test tested negative for blood, but today I feel absolutely fatigued to the point where walking up three flights of stairs killed me.
    I honestly can't tell if the stress is causing my body to crash or if I have something more serious going on.
    It's interfering with my work, my relationship, and my life.
    I've tried scheduling with therapists but there's no openings until next week. Anyone have any advice on how to stop stressing while I wait for my procedure?

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    Very sorry to hear of your fears. We here are cancer patients and caregivers. The psychotherapy world is completely different, as you know. You do not have cancer - you have fear. I would call and call your therapist until they can fit you in. All doctors, clinicians, counselors etc. normally have "emergency" slots which can be filled by those in crisis. If not, then consider an urgent care facility. In your psychological state, over 100 different symptoms may be caused by anxiety. Make that call!

    As to anxiety, fear and panic attacks, I would hope that you are either receiving Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or are investigating it. It is the drug-free gold standard therapy against anxiety/OCD/scrupulosity. However, your situation may require affitional therapy.

    Closing this thread, as you do not have a cancer diagnosis - we sincerely hope that you never do.


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