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Thread: Warts and all account of the journey before, during and after surgery

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    Jaffa, oh how I wish Dave could have read this before he started his PC adventure last year. I know he would have appreciated your detailed (and often hilarious) observations.

    I know many who are starting on this journey will benefit greatly from reading about your experiences, and the ones who have already plowed through I bet will find themselves saying "yep!" and maybe even having an occasional chuckle.

    Best wishes for continued health and undetectable PSAs. And please keep writing!

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    Hi & Welcome jaffa2000! Hope all is well Down-under!

    FYI: You have a fellow Aussie named Davii who joined The Forum about 3 years ago. The two of you have somewhat similar stats. You should reach out to him. Davii is a Very fine gentleman! Here is the link to his original Thread:


    Glad you have arrived. Best wishes for a perfect outcome!

    PSA: Oct '09 = 1.91, Oct '11 = 2.79, Dec '11 = 2.98 (PSA, Free = 0.39ng/ml, % PSA Free = 13%)
    Referred to URO MD
    Jan '12: DRE = Positive: "Left induration"
    Jan '12: Biopsy = 6 of 12 Cores were Positive: 1 = G7 (3+4) and 5 = Gleason 6
    Referred to URO Surgeon
    March '12: Robotic RP: Left: PM + EPE. MD waited in surgery for preliminary Path Report then excised substantial left adjacent tissue(s) down to negative margins and placed 2 Ti clips for SR guidance, if needed in future.
    Pathology: Gleason (3+4) pT3a pNO pMX pRO c tertiary pattern 5 / Prostate Size = 32 grams / Tumor = Bilateral: 20% / PNI: present
    3 month Post Op standard PSA = <0.1 ng/ml
    1st uPSA at 7 months Post Op = 0.018 ng/ml
    uPSA remains "stable" at 84 Months Post Op: Mean = 0.021 (20x uPSAs: Range 0.017 - 0.026) LabCorp: Ultrasensitive PSA: Roche ECLIA
    Continence = Very Good (≥ 99%)
    ED = present

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    Thanks Jaffa very helpful to someone like me trying to figure out what to do and if I had any guarantees that I would have the same results as you I would quit guessing on which path to take.
    Very well written.
    Age 55

    PSA 3.5 7-16
    PSA 4.18 7-17
    PSA 3.66 8-17
    PSA 4.99 7-18

    Biopsy 8-18
    Diagnosed 8-18

    12 Cores
    1 Core 5% positive
    Gleason 6

    PSA 5.3 11-18
    PSA 6.01 2-19
    PSA 6.73 6-11

    3T MRI 6-18-19
    MRI Fusion Biopsy 19 cores 7-18-19
    Left Mid Lat 3+4 3mm 25%
    Left Apex Lat 3+4 2mm 15%
    ROI RM TZA 3+4 17MM 27%


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