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Thread: ADT increases the risk of Alzheimer's???

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    ADT increases the risk of Alzheimer's???

    ADT Associated With Alzheimer Disease, Dementia in Prostate Cancer Survivors
    Rachel Narozniak
    Published: Tuesday, Aug 06, 2019

    Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) increases the risk of subsequent Alzheimer disease and dementia among men ≥66 years with prostate cancer (PC), according to findings of a large retrospective study (N = 154,089) that examined the link between ADT treatment and later cognitive dysfunction.1 Investigators said patients with PC who received ADT were more likely to receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer disease or dementia than those not treated with ADT.

    The retrospective cohort study was the largest analysis to date of the association between ADT exposure and subsequent dementia in a population of elderly US men with prostate cancer, according to investigators.

    Jayadevappa R, Chhatre S, Malkowicz SB, Parikh RB, Guzzo T, Wein AJ. Association between androgen deprivation therapy use and diagnosis of dementia in men with prostate cancer. JAMA Netw Open. 2019;2(7):e196562. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.6562.
    Kandola A. What is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s? Medical News Today website.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/ 323283.php. Updated October 9, 2018. Accessed July 16, 2019.

    ... to read the full story....???
    72...LUTS for the past 7 years
    TURP 2/16,
    G3+4 discovered
    3T MRI 5/16
    MRI fusion guided biopsy 6/16
    14 cores; four G 3+3, one G3+4,
    CIPRO antibiotic = C. Diff infection 7/16
    Cured with Vanco for 14 days
    Second 3T MRI 1/17
    Worsened bulging of posterior capsule
    Oncotype DX GPS 3/17, LFP risk 63%, Likelihood of Low
    Grade Disease 81%, Likelihood of Organ Confined 80%
    RALP 7/13/17 Dr. Gonzaglo @ Univ of Miami
    G3+4 Confirmed, Organ confined
    pT2 pNO pMn/a Grade Group 2
    PSA 0.32 to .54 over 3 months
    DCFPyl PET & ercMRI Scans - 11/17
    A one inch tumor still in prostate bed = failed surgery
    All met scans clear
    SRT, 2ADT, IMGT 70.2 Gys @1.8 per, completed 5/18
    Radiation Procitis, and Ulcerative Colitis flaired after 20 years
    PSA <.006 9/18, .054 11/18, .070 12/18, .067 2/19, .078 5/19, .074 7/19, .081 9/19
    We'll see....what is not known dwarfs what is thought to be fact

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    Yep. Everything has side effects.
    Born 1953
    family w/PCa; grandfather, 3 brothers
    07-12-04 PSA 1.90
    07-10-06 PSA 2.02
    08-30-07 PSA 3.20
    12-01-11 PSA 5.69 Internist recommends urologist, I say no
    05-16-12 PSA 4.76 manipulate w/diet & supplements
    12-11-12 PSA 5.20, Health system changes to 3 years on testing
    03-07-16 PSA 7.20 Internist adamant on urologist
    DRE smooth, enlarged
    03-14-16 TRUS biopsy-prostatic adenocarcinoma 1%-60% across 8 of 12 samples, Gleason 3+3=6
    03-31-16 MRI pelvis w/o dye
    05-04-16 DaVinci prostatectomy, nerve sparing, Dr. Kent Adkins - recommend
    Final Path; weight 65g, lymph nodes, seminal vesicles, capsule, margin all negative, Gleason 3+4=7, Tumor volume 35%, +pT2c
    Catheter out - 16 days
    Incontinence at 6mos is minimal – no pad
    Cialis 3x/wk & Viagra on occasion
    Begin self-injection needle therapy for erections, stop after 6 due to onset of Peyronie’s
    Erections 100% - 14 months
    5-21-19 PSA <0.02, Zero Club 3.5 years

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    Yes, we've seen other studies highlighting this. If I remember, the longer the therapy, the greater the risk. I wonder if we'll see an increase in intermittent, rather than continuous, HT, especially since it appears to have other benefits, too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DjinTonic View Post
    Yes, we've seen other studies highlighting this. If I remember, the longer the therapy, the greater the risk. I wonder if we'll see an increase in intermittent, rather than continuous, HT, especially since it appears to have other benefits, too.

    Last edited by Duck2; 08-20-2019 at 01:43 AM.
    YOB 1957

    DX 12/18, GS 8, 4+4 6/12 cores, LL Apex 100%, LM Apex 60%, LL Mid 50%, LMM 40%, LL Base 5%, LM <5%, Right side negative.

    2/25/19 Robotic Laparoendoscopic Single Site Surgery outpatient Cleveland Clinic,

    3/6/19. Pathology - Grade Group 4 with Intraductal Carcinoma
    T3aNO, GS8, 21 mm unifocal tumor 10%. -7 Nodes, - SV, - Margins, - PNI,
    - bladder neck neg., +LVI, + EPE non focal apex/mid lateral 1mm max extension, Cribriform pattern present. Decipher .86 High Risk.

    PSA 3/27/19 .03. (29 days)
    4/25/19 <.03. (58 days)
    5/25/19 <.02. (88 days)
    9/10/2019. <.02. (198 days)

    ADT - 6/19 - 6/21
    ART - 8/19 - 9/19. (78 Gy, yes, I glow in the dark)

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    And here I've been hoping it was just brain fog or "Lupron brain".
    Late 2012: PSA 4, age 62 all DRE's 'normal'
    Early 2014: PSA 9.5, TRUS biopsy (false) negative
    2015: PSA's 12 & 20, LOTS of Cipro ... Mar'16: PSA 25, changed Urologist
    Jun'16: MRI fusion biopsy, tumor right base, 6/16 cores: 2ea 15-40-100% G8(4+4)
    Aug'16: DVRP,
    "broad cut" 11 LN-,-SM, 53g 25% involved, multifocal EPE, PNI, B/L SVI, pT3b

    began Lupron ADT, uPSA's ~.03
    May'17: AMS800 implanted, revised 6/17
    Aug'17: 39 tx (70 Gy) RapidArc IGIMRT
    Jan'18-July 2019: PSA's <0.008, T~12
    Apr'18: Dx radiation colitis, Oct'18: Tx sclerosing mesenteritis
    "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you cannot see"

    Mrs: Dec 2016: Dx stage 4 NHL/DLBCL,
    Primary Bone Lymphoma
    spinal RT boost+6X R-CHOP21+6X IT MTX via LP. Now in remission
    Read our story at CancerCoupleBlog


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