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Thread: concerned about cancer spreading

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    concerned about cancer spreading

    Hi all. I'm seeking support in understanding what you know about waiting for surgery. I was diagnosed with DCIS mid July. An MRI was ordered to determine how close to the muscle the DCIS was and as a result another mass was identified on the other breast. We have since determined that this other cancer is invasive and is E-, P-, HER+. There was no sign on the MRI that it had reached the lymph nodes. It is now August 21st and surgery isn't until Sept 5th. I'm so worried about the cancer continuing to grow and spread in to the lymph nodes. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis
    While i can not offer any insight as i know very little about breast cancer, i can say this particular sub forum has very little activity probably because there are so many forums specific to breast cancer.

    I will say September 5th is not too far off but if there is a patient advocate where you will be receiving surgery or treatment, maybe they can alleviate your concerns and answer your questions based on your particular case. It's worth making a telephone call.


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