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Thread: Scared to go in: no insurance

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    Scared to go in: no insurance

    I recently started working a new summer job, so I've been making too much money and my insurance lapsed. I haven't had a pap since my last child 10 years ago. I am almost positive I have cancer or massive cysts on my cervix. I can feel about 4 ranging in size of a quarter to a pea. I have constant cramps for about a month now. I know I need to go in, but if I get diagnosed, before my insurance kicks in will they still take me? I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. What should I do?

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    Well, I reinstated my health insurance and that will be be active next week. I also spoke with an acquaintance about some advice since nobody here wanted to help me. She has had cervical and breast cancer so I guess I can talk to her about my concerns. She was alarmed at my symptoms and said I should have gone in months ago when I first had symptoms. Well, I guess I'll update later if anyone reads this. Thanks for the help.

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    Hello AVineyOne and sorry you did not receive a response but please do not take that as nobody wanted to help you. Realistically, any of our members would have recommended you seek the advice of a physician, insurance or not. Also, it is not cancer until a pathology report says so. Symptoms alone do not mean cancer but your symptoms are important to pursue medical action. Answering question relating to insurance is tricky since it varies greatly from country to country, state to state or even counties depending on where you reside.

    I have moved your thread to our "Worried" forum as that is where we recommend posting since no diagnosis has been made. Once you visit your doctor, and if applicable, further tests are completed, please do update. Should you be diagnosed, and we sincerely hope not, we then can go ahead and move your thread to the appropriate forum. In all honesty, our Cervical forum is not an active one here so other members do their best to respond if they are able to offer valuable information. Also given it was a holiday weekend, at least here in the States, can cause delays in responding to posts. Our members do their best so I hope you understand.

    Good luck to you and please do let us know how it goes.



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