Hello, last summer I started noticing chest pains mainly at night. I'd be laying in bed and randomly get a super tight chest and not be able to sit up, i'd literally have to roll out of bed. That started to subside but now I get a feeling in my chest 1-2 times a day 3-4 on bad days of my chest feeling tight and immobile and then if I turn to the left or right it pops i feel like maybe the right side of my chest is elevated but im not for sure, my ribs are also tender and sometimes seem like they are swelling up. I told my family dr about it but she wasnt concerned. A couple months later in April i got really sick and went to the hospital. I had severe pain in the middle of my stomach directly across my belly button, and i couldnt stop vomitting. My wbc was at 15,300 and the er dr couldnt find anything wrong we thought it was an apendicits but my scan showed nothing wrong. he just kept asking me if ive noticed any swelling. thinking back and to this day my stomach randomly swells. i mean it gets huge and weird looking, but im not sure if thats cause for concern. Ever since i got sick ive been off and on sick, and i have scattered petechaie i have some on my face, arms, one spot on my chest, and a couple on my leg Iíve lost 15 lbs since April (no diet or exercise).. i really have no idea what is going on. Has anyone had anything similar. im a 22 year old female, and have always been healthy. April was my first time in an ER..