My ex-husband (and father of my son) was diagnosed with an oligo grade 3 in Nov 2014, in the right frontal lobe. He had the markers (1p19q co-deletion & IDH mutation). Had a successful (around 90%) resection, followed by PCV (he was only able to tolerate 2 1/2 rounds) and radiation. All treatment said & done by October 2015, so it's now coming up on 4 years. Since then we divorced and no longer live in the same country (he's in France, I'm in the U.S.), and I am no longer his caregiver. He hasn't been diligent about his scans and follow-ups since then, but unfortunately there's not much I can do about that. He has had recurring phlebitis (blood clots resulting in severe pain) in his leg - the left leg I believe. The doctors there in France believe that this is a residual after-effect from the chemo and have basically been prescribing him blood thinners and asking him to wear compression socks when he sleeps, which he does. He's just had this happen again after a hiatus of almost one year. My question is whether this is indeed a common post-chemo effect. Seems a little odd to me at 4 years out? Or could it be something else? I unfortunately don't know more about the situation than what I've noted above. Thanks for any insights you may have!