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Thread: Radiation aftermath

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    Radiation aftermath

    Got done with radiation doctor today. I had some remaining marks on my skin from where they put the marks on my skin. I showed the doctor and he was like "oh wow, never seen that before" and he pulled in the radiation therapist. She looked at it and went "never seen that, it almost looks like your skin got burnt, go see a dermatologist and see what they recommend and then let us know so we know as well"

    So the short story: my body has a harder time with the ink than actual radiation ��

    If the dermatologist tells me it won't fade I might eventually get a pretty tattoo to go over it like flowers or something. Problemis the marks are literally right on my ribs so it'd be pretty painful

    Castellanis ink is the name of the ink they used on me. I'm asking around tattoo groups and seeing if artists would be willing to tattoo over the area since who knows what the damage is until I see the dermatologist.

    Saw dermatologist today. She said she thinks it’s “hyperpigmentation” with how the ink affected my skin from the radiation (the ink used to mark my skin so they could line up the radiation right) (she doubts it’s a burn, if it is, it’ll fade 1-3 months). She said it’s very unlikely it will go away on its own Which means tattoo planning time. Also got a mole removed on my shoulder but she said she seriously doubts it’s anything to be concerned about.
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