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Thread: My Therapy Visits

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    My Therapy Visits

    Iím starting this thread to document my visits with my counselor in hopes that it will help me and others.

    Here we go.
    Diagnosis (October 2014 - November 2014) - NSHL Stage IIIA
    Treatment (December 2014 - May 2015) - ABVD x 6 cycles, cycle 5 - AVD (No Bleomycin)
    Interim PET (January 2015) - Complete Response
    Post PET (June 2015) - Remission!

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    Visit #1:

    This visit seemed very ďofficialĒ. A lot of rules and paperwork signing. I got to discuss why I was coming to counseling (health anxiety) and gave the counselor a brief history. She asked what techniques worked for me or what I thought would work. I mentioned this forum and others and that just talking in general and getting my worries out seemed helpful. She discussed mediation and some eye movement technique I have never heard of. We will try them out and see if I like them in the future. Even though this was my first session I learned more about where my anxiety may be coming from when I started talking about my aunt that died from cancer. Itís weird where the mind will go when you are given an open forum to just let it out. I feel pretty positive about this being a good start and I felt comfortable with my counselor, so I will show up next week and continue the sessions. As this was just a first meeting and introduction, I hope to get more in depth in follow up sessions.

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    Hi Josh, good for you to having started that, and thanks for sharing.

    Sometimes my anxiety also kicks in ( specially when spending long hours in front of a PC - mind tend to drift ), but im still learning to control it - exercise does work in my case and also gaming ).

    And yes past experiences can affect us in many ways. On my own after my father passing away at 53 with lymphoma ( mantle is his case - 20 years ago ) as soon as i found my wife facing the same disease - damn i instantly tought it was a murder sentence. Trying to learn that it might not be, but the the past keeps a grey clould on our heads.

    For now will keep trying the exercise and gammig and if i fell i need some external help might seek someone.

    Happy for you!!! and do hope it helps.
    Nov/17 : Wife 36y diagnosed DLBC NHL in the Breast ( Stage 1AE )
    Nov/17 : Started 6 x RCHOP 21 ( finished Mar 2018 )
    Apr/18 : PET/CT early April confirmed in Complete Metabolic Response
    On to 15x Radiation ( total of 30Gys )
    May/18: Rads done
    Ago/18: 3x HDMTx completed!
    Dev/18: PET-CT Done. All good
    Apr/19: Follow up. All good.
    Oct/19: Follow up. All good.
    ... on to follopw ups...

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    The biggest and most important step to improving mental health is in realising you have a problem and asking for help, that is often the most difficult step as well.

    so from me a big bravo, well done and keep it up!
    Age = 44
    Stage 3 follicular NHL & Hodgkins
    Diagnosed Sept 2013
    Escalated BEACOPP + Rituximab completed 2017

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    Good on ya' Since this is a coping and support issue, that's where I moved it. It pretty much applies across the cancer spectrum.


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