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    Hi, my name is Amanda and I'm almost 29 years old. I am hoping to maybe symptom check with someone as Google usually just throws the word hemorrhoids or fissures around for everything.

    Short history, I have been to the doctor about this and I have a colonoscopy scheduled later this month. We do have a history of cancer off and on through my family tree. My grandpa nearly died of colon cancer and my dad died a few years ago from pancreatic cancer, my grandma, aunt, cousin had/have various kinds of cancer as well...that being said let me list my symptoms.

    I've always had "some" problems with my bowels since I was 12. Kind of just shrugged it off since I was shy and figured it was just food allergies or undiagnosed IBS.

    Three years ago (after my dad passed away) I noticed the first bit of blood showing up on the tp or stool. But it was rare, maybe only after I ate something that made me sick or I was stressed out. So maybe once every other month or so. I also started having a little bit of abdominal discomfort, but again figured I had ate something that made me sick or stressed. But it's been slowly getting more recent with more symptoms. Especially in the past year it went from once a month blood, to twice a month, to once a week and now it's everyday, multiple times a day or even a constant presence of blood even without passing stool. I wipe both sides even after only peeing because I like to be dry and there'll be anal blood. It's not just a few drops either. It's like can be a good streak of blood to the toilet water being bright red. I'm exhausted all the time, I don't feel very well ever anymore, it's very painful to sit at work, I feel "full" a lot nowadays, nauseous in the mornings (no I'm not pregnant or sexually active) dizzy, etc. I get extremely bloated at times (not menstrual related) and I've been having odd abdominal pain frequently. It's also very painful to pass gas...and I've been having a lot of it lately. It is painful to pass stool as well and I try not to strain but either way there's blood. I can't think of any other symptoms at the moment.

    I obviously do not want cancer but I also don't want to be overlooked because of my age. Does anyone else have these symptoms? Should I be worried?

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    Sorry to hear this. That is a rather diverse set of symptoms, which do not sound very cancer-like to me. Any cancer that was so advanced as to produce such profound constitutional symptoms would be generally be obvious and easily detected.

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    I am sorry to hear this. I have recently had a lot of bowel issues as well. Extremely painful gas and blood in my stool were my primary issue. Although mine was not a daily occurrence, it concerned me none the less. I did have a colonoscopy done in February and it turned out to be a touch of acute ulcerative colitis and a small hemorrhoid. Having a sedentary life or jobs, such as my desk job, can cause hemorrhoids. Who knew! Growing up I was told they were caused by forcing uncooperative bowel movements. Mine was very small in size and internal. They noted that both issurs would likely clear up on their own. I was advised to refrain from forcing bowel movements to avoid advancing the size/protrusion and to take a daily probiotic. It cleared up fairly quickly.

    However, I am no doctor! If it is a decent amount of blood and it is bright red in appearance, it typically means it is fresh blood. Darker red appearance means it was present in your intestines and got carried along as it advanced through your tract. You could have hemorrhoids or an inflammatory polyp that is getting agitated. For your peace of mind I would get it looked at by a professional.The colonoscopy was a piece of cake!!


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