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Thread: Possible expanded use of PARP inhibitors in cancer

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    Possible expanded use of PARP inhibitors in cancer


    Inducing PARP expression via a drug, then treating cancer with a PARP inhibitor. Early study.
    A new study shows that a PARP inhibitor combined with a DNA methyltransferase (DNMT) inhibitor may be a new way of treating some lung cancers.

    A 2nd article on PARP expansion:
    The PARP inhibitors also attack the machinery that makes proteins, called ribosomes.

    "Cancer cells are addicted to ribosomes. Cancer cells grow fast and must make proteins to support cell division and other essential processes going on in the cell. If you can slow down or inhibit the production of ribosomes, then you can slow down the growth of the cancer cell," Dr. Kraus said.
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