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Thread: I HATE the neuropathy

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    I HATE the neuropathy

    I got neuropathy in all of my finger tips (it comes and goes, not constant), my oncologist is puzzles that it didn't start until about 1 month post chemo. Anyway, it's been about 7 months since my chemo, so it's looking like I'll have this for the rest of my life.

    My question is this: does it get worse when the weather gets colder? The flair ups have been getting more frequent and severe. It's a pins/needles and burning sensation. Just about unbearable.

    I tried gabapentin for a little bit but i have horrible memory so I didn't take the meds regularly. I vape CBD oil regularly as it is. Problem is, the cbd isn't seeming to work like it did (for the neuropathy) so I might have to go back to the gabapentin

    My day job is a medical records clerk so I'm using my hands to type constantly, all day, for 5 days of the week. Hobbies wise, I'm an artist (digital and traditional) as well as a writer and researcher, so my hands are pretty important.
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    April 4 2019 - Final Chemo!
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    Now that winter is setting in here in the northeast it does seem that cold weather accentuates my neuropathy. I have fairly severe neuropath in the feet and toes from CHOP. Warm soaks make them feel better. They are improving over time. My wife had significant neuropath in her fingers from chemo to treat a breast cancer reoccurrence. It has now been over a year and here symptoms have significantly reduced. So there is hope that things will get better. We have been told that it takes over a year for the body to heal from chemo.
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