This is my first post a bit of a vent.
I went to see my family doctor October of 2018 for unusual bleeding. She refused to pap as I was not due and did an STD check even though I hadnt been sexually active. I informed her at that point I had had some targeted chemotherapy for my MS and she said I wasn't due for 3 years and my cervix looked fine. She did sent me for an ultrasound that was normal.
I finished my second, and hopefully last chemo treatment for MS Jan 2019. Cut to October of this year, I finally started dating someone again. Unfortunately, sex was extremely painful and there was heavy bleeding. I saw my doctor again. She again said I wasn't due for a pap. This time I insisted. I had another normal pelvic ultrasound as well. The pap returned normal with HPV 16 high risk. I was scheduled for a colposcopy. That was so painful! 3 biopsies were taken and the PA reassured me that even though there were lesions they didn't look suspicious.
I got the call 5 days later cancer in situ. I was referred to a gynecologist. I have lost all faith, women need to stand up and demand the care we need. If I hadn't this could have been much worse.
Now, I'm concerned about how wrong they have been thus far.
Does anyone have experience with stage 0 and so many cancer symptoms? What should I ask for?

Thank you