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Thread: Side effects from chemo or surgery?

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    Side effects from chemo or surgery?

    I am so sorry but I have yet another question. Since his surgery end of July (18 in of colon/rectum low anterior resection) he hasn't got his bowels back to normal yet. However every chemo he seems to have a day or 2 of stomach upset and he seems to get constipated and it last a day to a day and a half. However, this treatment with the first dose of oxy he has had very bad stomach aches for going on for 5 days now. It gets bad then subsides, his bowel movements at this time have been normal (soft), he had this through yesterday and then bam now today just not even a day later it's hard? is this normal, is this the chemo or from surgery, stomach aches and the drastic changes in bowels? this is so frustrating. Seems if we give him something it upsets his stomach more.

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    WorriedWife - I had an upper colon resection (about 13 inches) back in May 2018, and the only way I can keep bowel movements somewhat regular is to use mild laxatives and Immodium (when things get too loose). It's true that Oxy can cause a day or two of constipation - it happens to me - even when I've taken laxatives. My gastro doc knows I use laxatives and has not said I shouldn't.

    Talk to your gastroenterologist about your hubby's issues - they have all kinds of Rxs that may help him get on a smoother BM path.


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