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Thread: Am i over reacting?

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    Am i over reacting?

    ok so i know im probably wasting everybodies time here but i have to ask questions. im afffraid of sounding like a hypocondriact to my friends , family and doctors.

    i started taking lithium in febuary this year, and with that comes the usual orray of blood tests. my blood counts have consistantly come back with a raised white blood cell count. i mentioned to that doc that this could be due to the lithium, but he said the counts were too high for it to be that.

    buuuuuuut each time i get tests done, they just say that its probably nothing to worry about, and it will only be a problem if it goes on for a period of time.

    ok so its been months and months now. at what point will the doctors start to investigate a little further? at what point will they start to question my ever increasing count? How long was it before any of you chronic patients finaly got Dx'ed?

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    Hi babyblues, I am very sorry for your health concerns. It is very hard to answer your question without knowing more about your conditions. How high is your white blood cell count?

    My father's white blood cell count was high for at least a year before they finally determined that he had ALL. He had so many other things wrong that were masking the ALL making it very hard to diagnose. But he kept asking for an answer until they finally found it.

    Keep working with your medical team. Insist that they identify the cause.
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    well, i just popped back from the doctors to see about my recent test results. all the secretary was able to tell me was that there was a "serious infection at time of testing"

    im pretty cirtain i dont have any infections!
    i have no idea about numbers but each time a doc looked at it all they have ever said was "its very high"

    comforting hey

    anywho. . got an emergency appt with a doctor tomorow. hopefully, yes il have an infected toe nail or something. i hope so. and if so, then im sorry for intruding on this forum. must get worry warts like me passing through here all the time

    anywho, thanks for your reply. shall post the results tomorow

    all the best


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