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Thread: Advanced Breast Cancer/good treatments

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    My Mom

    The doctors had decided to let Mom have a break from chemo after telling her that her tumors in her breasts were no longer there-as well, they were going to start on a different type of cocktail for the tumor in her chest but were going to start that in 2 weeks. Mom was checked into emergency on February 6-it was discovered that her blood sugar levels were through the roof and her potassium levels were through the floor.

    In that 2 weeks-the tumor inside her chest flowered. It mastized to the point that it went around her pulmonary, her entire chest and up her spine-whether it had reached her brain yet-they were uncertain.

    In the end-we lost her. Mom died on February 15th due to complications arising from the mastization of the cancer. The doctors were unwilling to treat her and she had not received any "proper" treatment in my view. The 2 weeks: that was uncalled for.

    I am happy that everyone else has access to these fantastic treatments-but, here in Saskatchewan/Canada-no one seems to know about them and are unwilling to access new ones. But at the same time, I am bitter that none of this applied to my Mother.

    Thank you everyone for all your insights and words of hope.

    I will pray for you all.


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    I am so sorry - my deepest condolences.

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    I am very sorry for your loss! It sucks! It all sucks! But if there is a way to continue remembering your mother in the most/best way, is to try to get involved in breast cancer education/policy making/awareness. Since my wife's diagnosis I am feverishly determined to live through and by my wife's battle vs. cancer by being as proactive about cancer awareness, etc.

    Help to create something there, so that others are given the treatment that you think your mother should have received.

    I am praying for you. And I am sorry.

    Dallas, TX


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