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Thread: Basal Skin Cancer Symptom For 2 Years

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    Basal Skin Cancer Symptom For 2 Years

    Hi all.
    I'm new here and have done something pretty dumb.
    I have had a spot the size of a pencil eraser on my nose for about 2 years that has almost healed and then would not.
    I had no idea what it was and just never got to a doctor about it.
    Well, I went to the Dermatologist and they tell me it's a Basal Carcenoma cell.
    They took a biopsy to confirm it and told me I will probably get Mohs surgery for it.
    I have read that it's slow growing and usually doesn't spread, but I'm paranoid now about waiting the 2 years.
    Any thoughts?

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    cowboy3008, certainly waiting for 2 years was not a good thing. However, a basal cell skin cancer is a very slow growing skin cancer so you are probably OK. Just keep an eye open for other spots. You now know what a basal cell cancer looks like .

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    I had Mohs Surgery as well even though it's not suppose to be done for melanoma. But it seems like a good procedure, you just have to wait a lot while they look at the cells under a microscope and they decide whether or not to cut more. As brainmain said basal cell is usually slow growing. I had melanoma for around 3 years and I'm ok I think. But yesterday my doctor wants me to have another PET/CT to rule it out again since I've been having problems. As of tomorrow I'll be 2 years, no evidence of disease, after having it for 3 years.

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    i had basal cell on my nose for about a year before i had it checked out. i thought it was just a zit that wouldn't go away. i ended up having MOHS surgery also. they told me it would be the best since it was on my nose and they would know that day if they got it all out or not. i had a hole the size of a dime and had to have plastic surgery to repair it (it was near the edge of my nostril) i was SOOOO scared, but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i do have a scar, but as long as im alive that's all that matters. just know what to look for now and the moment you think it's another cancer go to the DR asap! i found another one 6 months later under my eye and had MOHS again. this time i only needed 4 stitches and it was done in the office. i'll say a prayer for you!


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