In all the pictures I have seen they look quite a bit bigger than normal lymph nodes (I am fairly certain that this is what they are, though I may very well be mistaken). In any case, the nodes in question are located right under my jaw any on top of the jugular vein (I can feel the vein pulsing through them).

Mine are about 2-3 cm in length (with the left hand node being slightly larger than the right) and 1-1.5 cm in width. They are mobile, but not particularly palpable, however I have no idea what constitutes a hard lymph node. Is this cause for concern or is the gland in question even a lymph node? The doctor said that it is probably nothing, and my parents seem to have even more swollen ones. In any case, I would like to know the normal size for these nodes.

As a closing note, the left node has been this size or close to it for a long time (several years I believe), I have just never taken an interest in it before. I am unaware if the right node has been swollen for a similar amount of time because I only noticed it about a month ago. I also have a small lymph node behind my left ear (swollen for as long as I can remember and about .5 cm) and one one my right jaw (about 1 cm) which I don't think has been swollen for as long. Noe of the node seem to be growing, or if they are it s very slowly and might be because of me constantly touching them?