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Thread: Whipple Procedure Alternatives

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    Whipple Procedure Alternatives

    I would like to know if anyone here has any information on alternatives to Whipple Procedure (removal of entire duodenum, bile duct, pancreatic duct and part of pancreas). I have precancer hyperplasia of polyps in duodenum, and this seems rather extreme procedure given precancerous nature of my interior. God Bless

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    Showbiz, I am sorry about your health concerns. I am moving your topic to the Pancreatic Cancer forum because there are more members there that has had the Whipple Procedure and one of them may have an alternative. However, just speaking as one who has observed Pancreatic cancer patients for years, the danger is quite significant and you should be treated aggressively.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    decision to have whipple

    I had a whipple 9 years ago for a benign cause-they thought I had a cholangio carcinoma but it turned out to be a gallstone.My surgeon said I had a radical cholycystectomy-I was not amused but having read some of the posts on this site I guess I am quite lucky.If the surgeons think you need radical surgery then you should discuss this fully with them-I also had a partial gastrectomy which I assume you won't need.You do get problems after a whipple but they mostly relate to the stomach so you should be ok.best of luck.

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    I love my whipple and I love my whipple surgeon. I came out of the hospital 25% down in body weight. Since finishing my chemo, I'm back up to only 9% short. I can eat most anything I want and only worry about quantities - too much food at a time is Super uncomfortable.

    Good luck.
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