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Thread: Foul smelling lymph fluid

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    Foul smelling lymph fluid

    My husband had 18 lymph nodes from his left groin removed almost 4 weeks ago. A drain was left in for 3 weeks, but lymph fluid also began to drain through part of the wound on his leg that had not healed. The drain has now been removed, but the fluid draining from his leg is thick, brown and the smell is so foul it takes your breath away. The Consultant admits he has not had a patient with this smell before, but doesn't seem unduly concerned, I think because my husband has no other symptoms. A sample was tested and there was a small amount of Strep so he was put on antibiotics. After 5 days on Augmentin the smell and quantity of this putrid fluid is no different. I have searched the internet and found no mention of this. Has anyone else had this experience? All nodes removed during this op were found to be negative which is the good news. Could it have anything to do with being a smoker for many years before diagnosis? Any replies or links would be most appreciated as I am becoming rather concerned.

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    Hi cherry, although it may not make any difference, you did not say whether or not a lymph nodes were cancerous and, if so, what type of cancer they found.

    As for the smell, it does sound like an infection. It might be that the infection is resistant to the antibiotic he is taking. Make sure his medical team knows that there has been no change to his condition with Augmentin. They may what to try something different.

    You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Hi Jim,
    My husband had penile cancer which was squamous cell. They are confident they removed it from the original site. A PET scan then showed one area of further activity in a lymph node in groin left side. They removed that and it was found to also be cancer (moderately aggressive) During a 3rd op they removed all superficial & deep lymph nodes on that side. Histology has shown these further 18 nodes to all be negative. Consultant is up to date on lack of improvement & may try 2nd antibiotic, but I don't feel he thinks this is cause of colour & odour.
    Thanks for your reply.


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