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Thread: Post form Debiwilson

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    Post form Debiwilson

    This post comes from Debiwilson:

    I seen your response to the girl worried about her mother with stage 3 meso. It hits home for so many people who are stricken with this monster and many people I'm sure that are unaware of what kind of cancer loved ones who died untimely for many years had! I lost my father to Meso it will be three years on April 6th. I will never forget the day I left for work and told my father to be here when I get off work and walking out of his bedroom (his wish was to die at home with dignity) my Aunt stopped me and told me that isn't fair look at your father he is suffering and his mom and dad are waiting for him, everyone else has said he can go. You are the last one.
    With sad eyes and a heavy heart I walked back to my fathers bedside and told him I know he hurts and I we will be fine and if he nedded to go we will miss him but we understand. He looked at me with tears in his eyes moving his mouth not uttering a word but I know in my heart he was telling me he didn't want to go and that he loves me. My Aunt said your daddy is telling you he loves you. I kissed him and went to work. On the way to work I made a turn in front of and officer and I got a ticket I new I should've went back but my father would've wanted my to go to work. When I arrived at work my phone rang and I got the news that I needed to come home and my Uncle was coming to get me. I knew by the tone of my mothers voice I had just lost my dad.
    If this story brings a tear to anyones eye make no mistake this monster knows no color or creed it will take whoever it pleases and the governmet is slow to give any heed to research or preventative measures.
    In this cause my mother and I are holding a benefit in memory of my father in our town for research on April 6th. Three years to my fathers death.

    And just a note if anyone is planning to sue the jobs our loved ones held the need to contact a lawyer out of the state the are living in remember its politics! It doest bring loved ones back but it does provide respectful funerals for the ones who have given their lives to provide for us and when we loose them at ages that are getting younger and younger who will pay to raise the children?
    Please post this on any and all Meso and cancer sites that you know off. And send my the info on how to post on the link.

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    I almost agree with her. I feel her pain but if the families want to sue the companies it's fine. Asbestos and the problems it can cause have been known for a long time. Companies knew about these problems before investing into and using the products. In fact a lot of the products have printed hazards on the insulations that contain asbestos.

    I mean yes the people who were diagnosed with meso probably read those warnings but I'm sure everyone thinks it can't happen to them because no body they know at the time ever gets it. It takes a long time to show up! Like a silent killer. Just slowly waiting until it hits you like a bat to the head. By then there's little or nothing to do.

    Companies try to go cheap on insulation and it costs their employees their lives.

    If anything I'd figh to create a fund and any company who chooses to use the asbestos or has ever used it must donate a certain amout to the meso fund. The fund will be used towards future victims and research for a cure.

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    Mesothelioma is an insidious killer. The sadest part is that it is so hard to detect and has suck a long "incubation period" between exposure and symptoms. My heart goes out to anyone affected in this way.


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