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Thread: Swollen Gland in Right Side of Neck

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    Swollen Gland in Right Side of Neck

    Hi There,

    I have had a swollend gland in the right side of my neck for about 2.5 weeks now. It comes and goes. My throat is not sore, and I feel great otherwise. Is this cause for concern? My Doctor just put me on antibiotics. I am really freaked out though. Any response would be greatly appreciated.



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    Dear Jennifer,

    There are many causes of this symptom. Of course lymphoma is one of the cause (and I know that is what you are worrying about because you post a message here), but infection is probably more common than lymphoma for an enlarged neck node, and one has to think about other types of cancer too if malignancy is what we worry about the most.

    If your condition does not improve after antibiotics treatment, you should talk to your physician again. A biopsy of the node may be needed to rule out malignancy.

    Dr. Jay Lu

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    Thank you for your reply. I just finished the antibiotics yesterday. I felt great Sunday and Monday. Then Monday evening it started to hurt again right under my jaw. I have made an appt. with my doctor today. I am so scared. Thank you again.



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