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Thread: Stage D metastatic prostate cancer survival rate

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    Stage D metastatic prostate cancer survival rate

    just checking out there for anyone who has had it already spread from the prostate and is still going strong with perhaps a bit of quality of life.I`ve been diagnosed 12 months ago and considered terminal but could survive from 6 months to 15 years -currently on Hormone therapy.Tried to go off the tablets to have a rest and within a week the bonepain came back bigtime.Whats the longest anyone has gone out there and why?

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    leroybrown44, I have never hear of Stage D but I assume that is a very advanced cancer. I am so very sorry about your cancer. I have very little experience or knowledge about prostate cancer so I will let others reply to your questions and just say that you are in my thoughts and my prayers.
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    advanced PCa

    Leroy, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. In advanced prostate cancer, hormone therapy, (technically ADT, or androgen deprivation therapy), often does help. How long it helps varies widely from man to man, but it's common for it to help for a few years. However, I am aware of a man who says he has been on hormone treatment for over a decade. He was diagnosed after the cancer had already spread to the rectum wall. Such a long period of benefit from hormone therapy is probably the exception.

    I'm going to tell you what Walsh says in his book under the heading "How Long Do Hormones Work?", on p. 468:

    "This varies from man to man, and we expect these numbers to change with the explosion of new strategies for attacking hormone-resistant cancer. Ten percent of men who are started on HT when they have metastases to bone live less than six months. Ten percent live longer than 10 years. The other 80 percent fall somewhere in the middle. Statistics have shown that half of these men live three years or fewer, and 25 percent are alive after five years."

    At some point, PSA rises, because the cancer cells that were resistant to the treatment gradually come to dominate the tumors. That's called becoming hormone refractory.

    After that point, there is still help from medicine in the form of chemotherapy.

    New treatments are in development. Your best strategy will be to delay and stall the cancer as long as possible while those treatments are being developed and tested. Don't give up hope--work is progressing on several fronts in this battle.

    You should be seeing a medical oncologist if you have not already. Radiation might be needed as well, to zap spots in your bones where you're having pain, and you would have to see a radiation oncologist for that. This would not be curative, of course, but it can often relieve pain.

    I wish you well. I hope you have friends and family you can call upon for support. Don't fight this alone. I'm sure people will support you on this discussion board. If you have not yet done so, I suggest finding the nearest "US TOO" support group in your area if you are in the United States. Info can be found on http://www.ustoo.org

    Good luck!

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    Read this guys fight with terminal PC. He has survived 14 years.

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    whitmore staging sytem and stage d

    Here is explanatory quote:

    "Whitmore-Jewett staging system (WIT-mor-JOO-et STAY-jing SIS-tem)

    A staging system for prostate cancer that uses ABCD. "A" and "B" refer to cancer that is confined to the prostate. "C" refers to cancer that has grown out of the prostate but has not spread to lymph nodes or other places in the body. "D" refers to cancer that has spread to lymph nodes or to other places in the body. Also called the ABCD rating or the Jewett staging system. "

    so, in reference to brainman's query on "never hear" of stage D, it was the original staging system for prostate cancer; urologists and oncologists still use this nomenclature to describe lymph node disease, spread to the bones, or spread to other organs such as liver, brain, etc..which is rare.

    whitmore interestingly was the chairman at sloan kettering of urology and he died of prostate cancer.
    I performed my urologic training at cornell and sloan kettering, so I am intimately familiar with many historical relationships as it relates to my field.

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    thanx Replicant Goruck chas036 and brainman for your informative and empathetic replies.I am on a combination of hormone therapy (Androcur) as well as a bunch of natural supplements.I`m supposed to be on 300mg of Androcur a day but all the side effects have got to me so bad -overweight, no sexlife(they should give this stuff to pedaphiles and rapists) shortness of breath and fatigue so I`m trying to cut them back to a level that still does the job but I still have a bit of quality of life.Didnt take any for a week and it took 8 days for the bonepain to come back so I`m having a carefully measured return to them to find a minimum reqirement because I know one day the cancer will become refractory as Replicant has noted but I remain confident of new drugs coming on the market eg PCK3145 from Ambrilia and I believe my diet regime as well as the range of natural supplements I am taking will limit the chances of the cancer spreading to other areas of my body.Any latest drug info that anyone has please let me know

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    Two men I know currently on hormone treatment for 2.5 years and 1 year are both doing well with limited side issues or quality of life problems: They have implemented lifestyle changes, remained active, better diet, supplements.

    There are lots of individual stories from men on hormone treatment posted on the yananow site in the mentors experiences section, including quite a number with silver and gold status, which indicates over 10 years.

    Dr Myers describes the often suggested theory that Hormonal Therapy is only effective for 18 months as a myth. In his book he also indicates that most men who are diagnosed as " hormone resistant" actually aren't.

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    Re: Stage D metastatic prostate cancer survival rate

    Quote Originally Posted by leroybrown44
    just checking out there for anyone who has had it already spread from the prostate and is still going strong with perhaps a bit of quality of life.I`ve been diagnosed 12 months ago and considered terminal but could survive from 6 months to 15 years -currently on Hormone therapy.Tried to go off the tablets to have a rest and within a week the bonepain came back bigtime.Whats the longest anyone has gone out there and why?
    My father was diagnosed with a stage D prostate cancer about a month ago. It was too late when we found out about it. He is 57 y.old and the cancer has spread to the lungs and bones too. Almost everywhere except his head...
    The doctor put him on hormone therapy about two weeks ago (Flumicine is the medication pills) and he will be on a Zoladex injection every three months, starting on Tuesday. Pills have already worked as he feels no bone pain anymore and the doctors confirmed through a biopsy last week that he will respond well to the hormone therapy.
    The unfortunate truth is that he will be able to live with a good quality of life for almost two years. Then he will become hormone resistant and the cancer cells will become active again. The pain then will start.
    I have not discussed with the doctors what will the case be then, but they have already implied that the only way is chemotherapy which buys you about 2-3 months.
    It is a really hard situation. Do you think we should tell my father the whole truth. He does not know yet that the tumor has spread everywhere.

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    Dont give up hope. My father has been fighting prostate cancer for the last 16 plus years. It became hormone ref. about 2 years ago and the cancer metastized into his liver and other places. Still he was determined to fight. The only things he could receive at that point was Chemotherapy with weak results. Initially Taxotere shrunk the tumors but only temporarily. His side effects were terrible. My father is in his last stage of cancer now and doctors said he will not have much time left. a few days or weeks maybe. He is very weak, cant get out of bed, but he fought all the way to the end. The doctors are amazed that he survived 16 years. He is only 67. Always stay positive and keep fighting. Good luck.

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    You are excatly right. Chemotherapy (Taxotere/Prednisone Combination) gave my father an additioanl 2 or 3 months. But at a very high cost. His quality of life was pretty much gone, in and out of the hospital due to low white blood count, pneumonia, blood clots, etc. My father told me if he had the choice again he would decide against Chemotherapy for the extra few month. But it might be different with someone else. Just dont give up hope. There is always some hope. Doctors are not gods and I think sometimes they are just guessing how long someone has left on this earth. Good luck.


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