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Thread: PSA of 1.1 but cancer detected by biopsy.Is this unusual?

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    PSA of 1.1 but cancer detected by biopsy.Is this unusual?

    Hi eveyone have been helping a newly diagniosed friend with decisions regarding treatment options but thought his latest question merited a new topic. (see previous messges under Protech study group posts)

    Okay, his original PSA of 3.5 ( 12 weeks ago) got him flagged and offered a place in the group. At the second stage he had biopsys taken and whilst his PSA is now an ordinary 1.1 the biopsy confirmed cancer. The study group are interested in the seeming anomaly but is this kind of fluctuation normal .
    thanks for you help.
    Terri and Russell xx

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    Hi Terri and Russell. Even if the original PSA had been 1.1, the odds of the biopsy coming back positive for cancer would the 10%-20%... so, although statistically it would be unexpected more often than not, it is certainly not unheard of. Taken that he did have a PSA of 3.5 at one point, the odds of a positive biopsy go much higher.

    You and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers.
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