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Thread: excellent book on diet/nutrition for anti cancer strategy

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    excellent book on diet/nutrition for anti cancer strategy

    I am in the middle of book highly recommended to me by two physician colleagues.
    It is called The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

    I believe the simplest way to find it is pick a large book seller and search for it. At amazon, you will find 5 star reviews from very intelligent people.

    I am intrigued by its dispelling of false notions an the tremendous amount of data the phd author has researched. On my personal blog, I will provide synopses to this book as I read more, but after reading a quarter of it, the book seems to be a gem. I will keep you informed on this site regarding my progression as I read more of this book.

    There are plenty of questions and answers on cancer topics and I intend to summarize many of my findings to coach my patients who are cancer survivors or cancer prone.

    BTW, by way way of introduction, I am a board certified urologist in Florida and natural born skeptic.


    George Rucker

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    The most informative book on the study of nutrition

    Hi George,

    As the subject mentions, This book is the most informative book on the study of nutrition I have ever read.

    I first read it several years ago whilst performing my research. If you have cancer in any form, heart disease, diabetes or suffer from obesity take the time and read this book.


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