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Thread: I used Diet / PH Therapy to treat my Lymphoma

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    I used Diet / PH Therapy to treat my Lymphoma

    I just wanted everyone to know that I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma about 4 years ago. My doctor's wanted me to do chemo. I declined and went ahead with PH therapy. I basically ate a very restrictive, organic, raw, Vegan diet and was very successful. I also rested and took lots of supplements, including lots of Calcium. I used the PH Therapy that is recommended by a lot of alternative medicine advocates on the web.

    To make a very long story short, after being diagnosed, four months later, I had a clean PET scan.

    I'm not saying it will work for everyone, not saying that anyone should not do chemo if that's what they think is right. I was lucky enough to have a cancer with tumors that appear on the skin so I could monitor progress day to day. I may not have been as courageous if I couldn't tell weather my cancer was getting better or worse. I just want to say that I was successful with it and maybe more people should consider it as treatment or as a compliment to conventional medicine.

    Very Respectfully,

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    What is PH therapy

    Hello can you say wht PH thereapy is? As it in Ph - like acidic or non acidic or something else?

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    Hi Inspire,

    I read a lot of the different treatments for Cancer. I decided to use PH Therapy in addition to anything else that could be combined. When I say PH Therapy, I do mean alkalizing my body and staying away from acidic foods. I avoided meat of any kind, ate as much raw vegetables and alkalizing foods as I could stand, and took lots of calcium supplements. I also juiced vegetables and avoided sugar, even high sugar fruits. The main foods were vegetables. I combined some diets I found on the Internet and in books.

    There are a lot of charts on the Internet that have the PH for foods. While the diet was very difficult, I did feel better. I was getting better sleep than ever before.

    In addition to changing my diet, I reduced stress. The Cancer diagnosis finally made me slow down, stop everything, and focus on trying to heal.

    Hope that helps.


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    Technically "pH" = a measure of acidity. It is important to use the correct letters as there are many different abbreviations using them.

    There is much discussion about the interaction of acidity or alkalinity and disease.

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    Your pH - How Healthy are you?

    pH stands for "potential hydrogen" and simply put; is the measurement of how acid or alkaline a substance is, but as far as your body is concerned, it can mean your "picture of health." By understanding how pH levels of your body fluids affect your health, you will be able to learn just how healthy you really are.

    The pH scale covers a range of 0-14, with 7.0 being neutral. Anything below 7.0 is more acid whilst anything above 7.0 is more alkali.

    One very important thing to remember is that the pH scale is exponential, which means that for every increase/decrease in one pH unit it is actually a tenfold increase/decrease in acidity levels. So the difference in acidity between a pH of 7.5 and 4.5 is not 3 times more acid but 1,000 times more acid!!

    Calcium is, by far, the king of these alkalizing nutrients. Your body also needs more calcium than any other mineral because your body consists of more calcium than all the other minerals combined. Calcium oxygenates the cells of the body, and is the nutritional counterpart of continually breathing in fresh air

    However, calcium is not predisposed to being absorbed by the body. While there is no such thing as a "bad" calcium, there are some that are much superior to others.

    An antacid calcium like Tums in the USA , for instance, has about 2% absorbability. So if you're taking a 400 mg Tums tablet, you're really getting only 8 mg. Calcium citrates are approximately 10% absorbable, and chelated minerals can go from 10% to 50% absorbability.

    Milk is about 17% absorbable, but contains lactic acid which may aggravate the acidity in some people. It also contains proteins that may, ironically, hinder calcium absorption.

    Liquid calcium also has a high absorption rate, but if the body is not exposed to sunlight on a daily basis, can lead to hypercalcemia (excessive blood levels of calcium).

    Coral calcium is virtually 95% absorbable. Because it is ionized (takes on a positive charge), coral calcium is far more useable for humans compared to other calcium supplements.

    Oftentimes, regular calcium supplements are not metabolized by the body, but instead are excreted.

    You can research this further by googling Dr Otto Warburg and his Nobel paper "Cause & Prevention of Cancer" as detailed previously in this forum. Mainstream media has also recognized the significance of calcium in recent years. On October 13, 1998, the New York Times featured a 5-page spread entitled, "Calcium: Takes Its Place As a Superstar of Nutrients" wherein it quoted the Journal of the American Medical Association as stating that calcium prevents and reverses cancer.

    This paper can also be googled.

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    PH Diet

    Can you provide me more information on the PH diet you used?? I was just diagnosed with low grade follicular lymphoma and have been told I will probably be put on the wait and see approach. I am not really a wait and see kind of guy, so would like to know more about eating right to help fight my lymphoma.
    DX: Follicular NHL
    DX Date: July 3, 2008
    Stage: IV
    Grade: Low Grade (1)
    Some Bone Marrow Involvement.

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    Essentially a pH diet is one with low acidity, or which increase the alkalinity of the system. Most vegan and vegetarian diets come into this category. The things to avoid are those foods that create acidity in the body, which includes red meats, dairy products, and sugars.

    There are many diets around, and if you google "alkalizing diet", you will find most of them.

    Here is one to start: http://www.energiseforlife.com/list_...line_foods.php

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    Re: PH Diet

    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyedaveh
    Can you provide me more information on the PH diet you used?? I was just diagnosed with low grade follicular lymphoma and have been told I will probably be put on the wait and see approach. I am not really a wait and see kind of guy, so would like to know more about eating right to help fight my lymphoma.
    New here...and already appalled at how many people just blindly follow conventional cancer treatments. Love the post on this page from the guy with one post declaring all alternative treatments a "death sentence"

    so dave...

    what you n eed to learn about is how to get your body in an alkaline state. That is the theory, that an acidic state allows/encourages disease, and an alkaline system inhibits or kills disease.

    You need to learn about immune boosters, NK cell enhancers, etc.

    also keep in mind that there's a good chance that your low grade lymphoma isn't even truly deadly. Our bodies sometimes just go a little haywire and we can live just fine. Do you have other symptoms that inhibit your quality of life?

    You might also want to look at Intravenous Vitamin C, which is theorize to work quite well with lymphomas.

    ALSO, possibly consider Insulin Potentiation Therapy which uses insulin to deliver much smaller doses of chemo, often without side effects. Cancer cells purportedly have increased insulin receptors which is what allows this therapy to target them.

    at the very least:

    Eliminate or minimize dramatically refined sugar, and all excitotoxins
    Eliminate or minimize dramatically refined high glycemic foods
    Eliminate or minimize all processed foods, including dairy
    Dramatically reduce alcohol intake
    STOP smoking if you smoke
    get approx 20 minutes of sun on a good part of your body, daily
    get at least 30 minutes of sweaty exercise daily
    introduce raw vegetables into your diet, and transition to a mostly raw, organic diet.

    I'd bet these steps alone would keep you in check. No guarantees, of course...sometimes it's just our time, but...make some changes and you should see great results.

    also...just...consider that maybe this is a signal to enjoy your life!

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    thats what i do and it works. To all this.... works
    10 year tc survivor
    new father

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    Hi Mark,

    a couple of questions to the diet: has your lymphoma always been fading? Im doing a strict alkaline diet. It works fine. But sometimes it flares up suddenly. Have you experienced simething similar? Also, has your lymphoma ever returned since the diet?
    Thanks a lot for your help,


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