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Thread: How do you make a profile?

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    How do you make a profile?

    I wanted to include information on my profile about my mom's diagnosis, the size, treatments, surgery and stuff like that. How do I do that? Anyone who knows, please let me know how to do it. I'm new!
    My mom
    She is 44
    Diagnosed 3/7/05
    Mastectomy 3/29/05
    Lymph node biopsy 3/24/05
    1 cm
    Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
    Stage IIA
    Chemo started 5/5/05
    AC Taxol (dose dense)
    Neupogen shots every other day for 4 months

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    Looks good Danielle, but why don't you edit it to say that it is your Mom who was diagnosed, just to make sure anyone reading your posts does not get confused and think the information applies to you. Glad to have you on the board. Hang in there, dear. We are all here for you and your mom. Hugs, Lauri
    Diagnosed 4/11/1996
    Lumpectomy, 6 mm tumor
    Neg. nodes
    33 rads
    Tamoxifen, 5 yrs.


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