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Thread: Rick Simpson's Run From the Cure

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    Re: On a personal note:

    I can answer all of these questions. I have a BS in Chemistry, worked on a Masters in Pharmacognosy (study of medicines from plat sources), and worked for 5 years for Abbott Labs. The questions are yours... the answers are mine.

    Q1. How long does it take to "study" one plant?

    A1. It takes a very long time to find a potential plant, isolate it active ingredient, prove that it is save, and prove that is does what people hope that it will do. It can take many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Q2. Why, if in the late 1800's, Eli-Lilly (and others) were selling tinctures of the essential oil (diluting with alcohol) as medicine, are we not further along in this process of "study".

    A2. Most of what Eli-Lilly and others were selling were not safe or effective back in the 1800's. Some essential oils are still available over the counter in any drug store/grocery store. 70% of current medications come from natural sources.

    Q3. Why dilute?

    A3. I think a story can answer this question the best. My major professor hear that North American natives used Queen Ann's Lace (a common North American weed) to ease tooth aches. He thought the the active ingredient had to potential to be used for anesthesia. So he took a bunch of the plant, extracted all the water soluble components, and started the long process of isolating each of the components in the solution. As the solution passed through the filtration columns, he checked for the active ingredient by wetting his finger and touching it to his tongue. Finally, the active ingredient came through but when he touched it to his tongue, his tongue started to burn like hell! The diluted version used by the native north americans worked because it was diluted and not by actually killing the pain but by introducing something that burned so much that the tooth pain seemed insignificant in comparison. That is just one example of "why dilute."

    Q4. A plant cannot be patented.

    A4. No, plants cannot be patented but the process to isolate and purify and to standardize the active ingredient can.

    Q5. Why synthesize something that a plant offers naturally at an effective curative strength?

    A5. Although 70% of current medications are found in nature, they are found in such small quantities that without synthesizing them, we would not have enough for the world's demand... aspirin is a good example of this. Another, Vincristine, a chemotherapy agent, comes from the common house plant Periwinkle (Vinca family). However, it is found in such a low dose that a person would need to eat a dangerously large amount of the plant in order to get one dose of the synthetic version.

    Q6. Synthetics can be patented.

    A6. Not use that this is a question or a statement. Look at A4 for the answer to this one.

    Hope this answers some of your concerns. Obviously, there is a place for plants in our nutrition and health. However, it can be very dangerous to use them as medicines.[/list]
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    Thinking out loud...

    I appreciate your comments/responses Jim. Thank you.

    One of the things that impresses me about the plant is how unique it appears to be in a few aspects. I'm not an expert, but I'm learning and reading.

    The first thing that strikes me is it's power tempered with it being somewhat benign at the same time.

    Here we have a plant literally "frosted" with the medicine which is the "active ingredient". Naturally.

    The curative power and applications of this active ingredient (THC and other phytocannabinoids) continues to be "discovered" by medical science as they witness the interaction with disease. Not only that, but they are specific.... designed ONLY for the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies having to do with our immune system.

    There are NO other plants on Earth that can offer cannabinoids..... and our receptors are specifically "looking" for them. When they find them, they then begin to trigger amazing effects at a cellular level..... shutting things down in cancer cells, creating oxidation and aptosis in cancer cells only and leaving normal cells unharmed by affecting the neural/signal pathways.... again, at the cellular level.

    So, we have this unique powerful medicine that needs no refining or augmentation..... no need for "hundreds" of plants to create a curative strength. It naturally occurs at the "right" dosage.

    Second, it's not poisonous. It is not poison based like other "medicinal" plants that will kill you if you don't disable or refine away the poisonous properties or over dose the active ingredient(s).

    It is not rare. It is not fragile. It doesn't just grow in a rainforest somewhere. In fact, it can grow almost everywhere and be plentiful.

    How many medicines (synthetic or otherwise) can match it's apparent POWER against an array of serious human disease, be SAFE for consumption (who ever DIED from an overdose of pot?) and be PLENTIFUL and AVAILABLE to the poor?
    You never know....until you find out!

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    Download Link

    Greetings All....

    I have received several very encouraging emails from people who are wanting to share this information with others..... and they are EXCITED!!
    It took courage to make this film and it deserves to be shared.

    Here is a link that offers the full movie, both streaming and download:


    Please feel free to share here or email me with your "stories".... I treasure every single one.

    Blessings to all!!
    You never know....until you find out!

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    Just watched but have not found any oil in CA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelbaby49 View Post
    Just watched but have not found any oil in CA.
    This thread is 8 years old.

    Rick Simpson is a well known internet quack. Just because it is on you tube does not make it a fact.

    This thread is now closed.
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