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Thread: Could I have Mesothelioma?

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    Very Scared...

    Hello All...I am so happy to find this site that I can actually get some feedback, on I hope?

    In the past couple of years, i have developed a very hacky cough and i feel it harder to breathe as the months pass.

    I have been to many sites about lung cancer, emphysema, and by accident stumbled upon mesothelioma and now I am very scared.

    The very best site I have seen that doesn't just tell you the same things over and over about what it is....but actually gives you lots of information and resources to become proactive!

    Anyway, what scares the living daylights out of me is that i have been exposed to asbestos for many years of my life without even knowing it!

    The website i mentioned abouve has a video that shows advertisements for all the home products that were selling like hotcakes. And of course my parents used on our house. It also has a video of documented PROOF back in the 50's that asbestos caused cancer!!! before they were advertising and selling it like water.

    Not only that, but as a young girl, I recall helping my dad as he built our house himself. Part of that was the pretty pink insulation that I loved because it was such a pretty color and such an odd texture. I would pull pieces apart just because it was different....and NO, no mask, no anything! My father died of 'lung cancer' that they chalked up to smoking, but now I am not so sure. He built a lot of houses in the late 50's to late 60's and was only diagnosed 2 years ago...very sudden and gone within 6 months...

    Then there have been jobs where I have worked around asbestos products without even knowing they contained asbestos...again, no masks, no protection!!! I mean brake pads fo crying out loud!!! My grandpa was a mechanic. I hung out with him many times in his garage learning about fixing cars!!

    My fear is that this cough and lack of breathing ability is getting worse and what if I am too late? What if it is not just smoking, but this whole asbestos thing?

    When I talk to my doctor about it he says "oh this whole mesothelioma thing is just way over-blown???? OVER BLOWN???...when it causes DEATH??

    I of course want to go to a different doctor who will at least do some tests to figure out what is going on. See I mentioned I smoke, so yes it could just be that I should not smoke, which is what my doctor now says it will be if I am developing lung cancer.

    My my question to anyone here reading this: Has anyone else experienced doctors that blow off concerns about mesothelioma as 'people are wanting tests for it because of the possibility of initiating a lawsuit that might help myself or my family if i were to die'???

    The more I have read and learn the more scared I am becoming. I wonder how many people that are diagnosed with 'lung cancer' actually have/had mesothelioma??

    Sorry for the long post, but that website I mentioned gave me so much more information than any of the other mesothelioma sites that really opened my eyes!

    Please, if anyone else has experienced similar doctor's responses, I would like to hear it. Are there are doctors out there misdiagnosing, and if so, should they not be held responsible as well? Where does the responsibility ultimately start or end? The companies that produce and promote asbestos products or the doctors that misdiagnose as well?

    Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you more if you can give me similar stories about your doctor's attitude towards regular lung cancer vs: mesothelioma.

    Kind regards to all reading and prayers for all who are suffering with any type of cancer right now... ~Anna
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    I'm new as well so I understand your concern.
    I too came into contact with asbestos on a small scale.
    I went into surgery 2 weeks ago with a lump on my lung diagnosed as cancer. It turned out to be nothing, but when pathology report came back it said I had mesothelioma. Talk about good news, bad news. It was the last thing I expected so I can understand why you're worried. The only thing I can suggest is be tested to find out one way or another. I was told the only way to check was biopsy but have just learned that there is a blood test you can have.
    Don't let your doctor put you off as majority don't even know there is such a test. My doctor didn't.
    I'm now awaiting the results of my blood test as well as having my pathology samples rechecked as I asked for a second opinion. So am hoping someone mad a mistake even though I doubt it.
    This may not help but I've found any contact good. Also thank god for family & friends because if not for them I'm afraid of what I'd do.
    I pray that if you have one it is negative because it has turned my life upside down. Rowlf

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    first of all i must tell that its a surprise to find that doctors arent taking your case very seriously.my aunty did go through a similar case like you and she insisted that she wants to go through some tests so that she could make sure that she was perfectly ok.and of course whats the use of living with a troubled mind with a thought like this in anyone's mind.the doctor's performed the tests for her and she was satisfied with the reports.go and consult a doctor with a quite well reputation and tell him about your mental stress cause of your present doubts about you having mesothelioma.im sure he would take it into account and help you out.i hope this helps you in becoming mentally relieved.

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    If you are concerned that you might have mesothelioma because of prior asbestos exposure, the simplest test to get is a chest x-ray, which most likely you've already had. If you are continuing to have cough and difficulty breathing, and your primary care doctor has not been able to help you, you may benefit from a CT scan of your chest that would show any abnormality of the pleura (the lining of the lungs), which is where mesothelioma arises, as well as any abnormalities of the lung tissue itself. If a CT scan comes back showing no abnormalities, it may be that a pulmonologist could help you, such as by getting a pulmonary function test (PFT's).
    Good luck, and hope you find an answer to your problem soon!

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    Hi Lihirananth, I just want to point out that this thread is very old and the members who have replied only posted once. I doubt if they will reply.
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    1992 Astrocytoma grade 2, left motor strip
    2005 Recurrence this time said to be an Oligodendroglioma grade 3, same location.
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    My Story Part 2: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.php?p=7350
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    correct yes but what about the people stumbling upon this from google?

    To anybody reading this. "a hacky cough for 2 years" that was your first mistake. If you have a hacky cough for 3 days you should go to a doctor. If they blow you of DEMAND a thorough check up. I live in the uk and doctors will give you what you ask for.

    Also. Sorry to say it this harshly but i dont know how to say it, you most likely wouldnt have meso for over 2 years without treatment without being dead im afraid.

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    You should have went to see a doctor. Are more likely to cause mesothelioma and childhood exposure to asbestos. I hope you take a look at the local hospital as soon as possible.
    This is my blog, since my grandpa died, I will set up this blog to collect some information. To help those who need help, there is a very useful information and knowledge about mesothelioma mesothelioma and treatment



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