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Thread: Does anyone know whether Medi-Care will pay for a nurse?

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    Does anyone know whether Medi-Care will pay for a nurse?

    Dear Friends,

    My poor mom has suffered a broken hip due to a physical therapist breaking it accidentally (I know, the incompetent MTV generation is killing us all).

    My question is this:

    Does Medi-Care pay for a full-time nurse? She will need one after surgery to help her go to the bathroom.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    God bless you.

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    Hi atpeace7. I am not sure if Medicare will pay for a full-time in home nurse. However, they will pay for a nursing home. I know that is not a very good option.

    Best wishes.
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    Will Medicare pay for home nursing care

    I know this is a little late but hopefully the information is still relevant.

    Depending on what state your mother lives in, there are programs available under Medicare that will pay for home nursing care rather than have her go into a nursing home.

    You can find the information at the following link.


    How do I know this information? I know it because I worked for 29 & 1/2 years as a bilingual social worker for the Department of Public Welfare before I retired.

    Barbara K.


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