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Thread: Eating sunflower seeds

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    Eating sunflower seeds

    Australian researchers have discovered that eating sunflower seeds could be the best way to fight prostate cancer. They found that a tiny protein in sunflower seeds may stops prostate cancer tumours spreading to the bone.

    As well as blocking enzymes responsible for the spread of cancer, the sunflower protein has also inhibited a range of other enzymes controlling important processes in the body.

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    link to story

    Flower Power May Bring Ray Of Sunshine To Cancer Sufferers
    ScienceDaily (May 1, 200

    It's important to note that the researchers are NOT saying that eating sunflower seeds will stop prostate cancer. Rather, they are saying that the sunflower miniprotein acts as a protease inhibitor--and works against some GOOD processes in the body as well as cancer, so they've done some bio-engineering on the protein to make act on prostate cancer alone. They're hoping to develop a drug based on this bio-engineered version of the protein.

    " 'However, it also inhibits a whole range of proteases, some of which control important processes in the body, so we have re-engineered the molecule so it should just block the proteases produced in prostate cancer and hence stop tumour spreading, whilst leaving other processes intact,' he said."

    It's hopeful news, but most of the time cancer drugs don't pan out all the way through human trials, and this is only in the test tube stage.

    Thanks for posting this news.

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