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Thread: So, anybody know if we get discounts on car rentals?

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    So, anybody know if we get discounts on car rentals?

    First off, new to the whole cancer club, last week with esophageal cancer. No big deal, I'm totally going to beat it (I'm younger, otherwise good health, great support and so on). Anyway, I was cheap before the diagnosis, and anticipating more important bills than car rentals...still. Can I use this rather crappy situation to get better rate with Avis, Budget, Enterprise, etc.?

    Sorry if this seems trite, I don't mean it to be. I just see keeping positive and in good humor as the only option I can allow myself or those around me, though I do take this seriously (how the Hell can't you!?). I'm sure as I learn more, I'll probably be here asking more questions, helping where I can too.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am not sure if any of the car rental companies will give you a discount but it never hurts to call them an find out. Remember that for tax purposes, medical expenses does include expenses for transportation related to your heath care.

    When I was taking radiation every week, I had available to me a group of men from my father's church who were more than willing to drive me back and forth from the hospital. Is it an option for you to have someone else do the driving?
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    I have a small army of great friends and family

    But in the next few days, while I'm still safely able, I'd like to be able to get myself to consultants and the like. We're not even finished with the staging now, let alone decided on a course of treatment or where to do this.

    So I'd like to drive myself (my wife can ride shotgun, letting her drive will get me faster than any cancer ever could) to potential treatment centers and the like. Will try and ask around, my health insurance MAY even have some program.

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    Re: Welcome

    Hi there Stircrazy

    Welcome to the forum, it is fab to have you with us, with your great positive attitude & approach to your illness & a very dry sense of humour! Your posts will be "good medicine" for others here on the forum.

    Sorry, don't have any info to offer on the car rental (I live in Australia) but wanted to say gidday.

    Sorry to read about your diagnosis. My Bro has a BT & I'm certain his "sense of humour" & "wisecracks" have ensured his journey & our support of him has been made easier with a positive attitude!

    Thinking of you,

    Cheers, Angie.
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