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Thread: Cancer victim from Philippines need HELP

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    Cancer victim from Philippines need HELP


    I am surfing the internet trying to get persons or organizations that will help me and my sister. And saw this site on one of the articles about cancer victims. I know that you are feeling the same as what I am feeling right now - DOING ALL THINGS TO SAVE family's life.

    My sister was diagnosed as having an Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer - Grade 3 and stage 2. Her breast have been removed and is required to undergo a series of chemotheraphy. Her laboratory states that she is estrogen negative, proestrogen negative and her-2-neu positive 1+, that requires her to have more additional treatment. She is single and have no work, my dad is also jobless and also under treatment. I do have a work but having 2 children and my income is just enough for us. I am knocking in anyone's kind heart to help us financially or do you know organizations that will provide medicines such as taxotere, bxorubin,cyclphanamide.. I know that you guys know the feeling of "helplessness" .. I am begging you to please consider helping us. I am not into scam and can scan and provide documents like the laboratory tests if you want some proof.

    We are not rich and I cannot buy the fact that money will be the reason for mys ister not to have a longer life.. PLEASE DO HELP!!

    May GOD bless us ALL!!

    Best regards,

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    Well I'm not 100% sure they can help but I found some international organizations that may help you
    They're mainly research groups but sometimes the research groups will conduct the chemo and prescriptions at a heavily discounted price or at no charge. If I were you I'd see about creating a donation website for your sister and advertising. Possibly making a milliondollarhomepage type of script. There's a lot of people who'd be willing to help you in your situation.

    • * International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) based in Lyon, France. The IARC was founded in 1965 by the World Health Organisation to coordinate and conduct research into the causes and control of cancer, particularly by epidemiological and laboratory studies
      * International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research A not-for-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1998 by the UICC to assist developing countries through research, education and training programmes. The Web site includes details of projects, meetings, publications, newsletter and membership.
      * International Oncology Study Group IOSG is a cooperative research group, founded in 1993 to conduct clinical studies in cancer. There are members from over 90 centres predominantly located in Asia and Oceania
      * Union Internationale Contre le Cancer - International Union Against Cancer (UICC) This site gives information about the programs of the UICC, calendar of events, details of member organisations, publications, resources, fellowships etc.
      * World Health Organisation (WHO) An international agency of the United Nations, founded in 1946. The Web site includes details of WHO, programs, reports, information sources for various disease and health issues including cancer and tobacco use.

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    Thanks for the answer

    Thank you so much for the suggestions. Appreciate it a lot

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    cancer help....

    hi im from the philippines too.. maybe you can visit the breast cancer foundation in east ave medical center...

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    Once you have an idea which drugs are need, it can also be worth contacting the drug manufacturers who will sometimes assist in funding treatment with their products.

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    I actually looking very hard to look for help.. The doctor advised her to take TAXOTERE regimen which is very expensive.. it cost 1,000USD every 21 days. She already undergone 3 sessions but not sure if she'll be able to continue since we are financially incapable already..

    I tried several organizations and manufacturers but they are not helping ...Wish that I can get help..prayers for us too


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