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Thread: Bleeding after radical prostatectomy

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    Bleeding after radical prostatectomy

    I had a robotic radical prostatectomy 10 days ago, my urine has always had a very slight tinge of bllod since then. Since flying home yesterday there has been a much heavier blood color and my leakage now looks bloody, is this normal or is there a problem. There are no other symptoms.

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    Hi Timaus

    My husband's urologist said that he could pass blood in his urine for several weeks after surgery. We were told that if alot of blood passed through the urine, my husband was doing too much and that he should rest for a few hours. I would suggest, based on what we were told, that you need to rest a bit more (stay off your feet), especially after the flight home.

    Home your recuperation is quick and uneventful.

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    I would call your doctor to be sure, but it may have to do with the flight itself. The change in air pressure also changes the various pressures in your body which can cause bleeding (not to be gross, but my monthly "visitor" is always heavier when I fly.) That and the activity of walking through the airport, etc. might mean you need to rest for a few days as previously suggested.


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