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Thread: Medical Assistance programs for breast & cervical cancer

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    Medical Assistance programs for breast & cervical cancer

    At the present time, I'm going to Fox Chase Cancer Center for a clinical trial for my breast cancer.

    Of course, I have adequate medical insurance which allows me the freedom to obtain treatment from Fox Chase Cancer Center.

    I worked for 29 & 1/2 years as a bilingual social worker before retiring to begin my second career as a writer.
    While gathering up information for my own care, I remembered that there's a special medical assistance program for breast and cervical cancer.
    I believe that there are many people who are NOT aware of this program.

    In Pennsylvania, there is no income or resources limit to be eligible for this program. (However, in order to start the application process in Pennsylvania, you must go to the Healthy Woman's Project first and this project imposes a 250% income limit based on the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines)
    Here is a link to the chart for the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.
    Just look under the column of 250% to find the income limits for the Healthy Woman's Project in Pennsylvania.

    The four criteria for eligibility in Pennsylvania are as follows:
    1.) under age 65
    2.) screened and diagnosed under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.
    3.)Uninsured or having no creditable insurance
    4.) US citizen or eligible alien resident of Pennsylvania.

    The following link is the main link about this program and it has specific links for each State's eligibility criteria.

    Barbara K.

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    Another excellent link that explains this program is here.


    Barbara K.


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